Players and w7m did not reach an agreement on contract renewal.

Brazilian organization w7m esports confirmed that the Six Invitational in Brazil will be the players' last R6 competition in the organization. The team did not reach an agreement with the organization to renew contracts that expire after the Six Invitational.

In an emotional video, players were challenged to define w7m in one word and detail their time in the organization. Players and coaches chose words such as gratitude, progress, achievement, and machine.

Dream year for w7m R6

The year 2023 for w7m esports was a dream for the organization and roster. The team was able to achieve the historic feat of winning two Majors in a row. Before this achievement, three of the five players had reached the final of the Six Invitational 2023, losing to G2 in the Grand Final.

Felipe "FelipoX" De Lucia and Felipe "nade" Ferreira arrived after the lost final at SI and conquered the world twice.

No one had ever won two Majors in a row in the history of R6 (Image via Ubisoft/@ItsKirillVision)
No one had ever won two Majors in a row in the history of R6 (Image via Ubisoft/@ItsKirillVision)

w7m in R6

w7m's trajectory in Rainbow Six Siege is one of evolution. In 2022, the team was already reaching big stages but something was missing. Proof of this are the losses in the Semifinals of both Majors this year.

The organization's turning point was in 2021 with Gustavo "HerdsZ" Herdina, Diego "Kheyze" Zanello ,and current analyst Felipe "Abreu" Silva as coach. The organization was fighting to not be relegated from Brazil's main Rainbow Six league. The same three with additions later in 2024 are considered by many to be the best team the game has ever had.

What's next?

Sources close to indicate that the players and technical team were the target of a dispute between LOUD and FURIA. However, FURIA came out on top in the dispute for the Brazilian lineup.

In February 2023, FURIA said goodbye to the competitive scene and sources claim that the "panthers" are back. In November last year, CEO Jaime Padua responded to a fan about the possibility of returning to the game:

"The R6 community has always been extremely kind to us and we love the game itself. That said, if the sport's scenario improves next year and has a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem for teams, we can consider it. I already see some good signs.”

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