BDS secure their first-ever Grand Finals at Six Major cover image

BDS secure their first-ever Grand Finals at Six Major

For their first ever event, Soniqs put up a stellar performance at the Six Major. Unfortunately, a learning experience for them as they exit the Sweden Major.

The Six Jönköping Major 2022 is currently underway and the world’s best teams have come together in Sweden. The Major, originally slated to take place in Asia, has a $500,000 prize pool with the winner taking home a significant chunk. What started out as eight teams has now come down to the final two - Team BDS and Team Liquid.

Team BDS are one of the best teams when it comes to Club House so when Soniqs picked the map it raised a few eyebrows. Soniqs won the first map, Border, after a relatively strong attacking side. But when the two teams moved to Club House, BDS’ dominance was clearly evident in their playstyle and their confidence.

This victory has secured BDS their first ever Grand Finals. The fact that BDS have not reached a Grand Finals over the past few months is astonishing considering just how dominant the team has been in the R6 esports circuit.

On Team BDS, Renshiro stepped it up when it mattered. A knockout match against Soniqs was the perfect opportunity for the player to show off his individual skill and catapult his team to victory.

Despite the loss, Soniqs fans can hold their heads high. This was the first event for the new roster and they almost made it to the Grand Finals. There was a realistic chance for Soniqs to secure the win against BDS, however, choosing Club House seemed to be a general mistake.

In the post-match interview, Elemzje also expressed his surprise at the Club House pick. BDS had also practiced against Soniqs on the map before this event.

With this win, Team BDS will now face Team Liquid in the Grand Finals.