Soniqs breezes past through Group D at Six Invitational 2024 cover image

Soniqs breezes past through Group D at Six Invitational 2024

G2 faces a tough task against Darkzero on the final day of the Group stage.

At the end of Day 3 of the Six Invitational 2024, Soniqs and G2 esports are the only two undefeated teams. The Six Invitational Group stage is coming to a close with the final day of Group stage matches set to take place on February 17.

Soniqs and w7m esports are the only two teams on the penultimate day who have comfortably secured the top spot. The two teams are now guaranteed a slot directly in the Upper bracket round 2 of the Playoffs. 

Soniqs remain undefeated through Group D

So far, Soniqs has faced off against SCARZ, LOS, Falcons and Fury at the Six Invitational 2024. Their 2-0 victory over Fury helps them secure the top spot irrespective of the final day’s outcome. 

With this 4-0 Group stage result, Geometrics and co. have secured themselves a spot in the Upper bracket round 2. Their first two matches saw the team fend off overtime challenges from SCARZ and LOS. However, their more recent matches were relatively one-sided with Soniqs limiting their opponents to within three or four rounds. 

Can G2 remain undefeated?

G2 esports in Group A is the only other team to still remain undefeated. However, their next match is against DarkZero, the second-best team in the group at the time of writing. With only one point separating the two teams, this match is a tussle for the Playoffs Upper Bracket Round 2 spot.

Darkzero esports’ only map loss was against Geekay Esports on the first day of the tournament. The team lost 3-7 on Consulate, but still managed to win the series. They have not lost a map since.

W7m esports’ final standing in limbo

W7m esports have completed all their group stage matches, although their standing depends on the Day 5 matches. W7m esports end the group stage with a 1-2-1-0 performance and 11 points to their name.

Virtus.Pro, (at eight points) still has one more series to play against  Bleed esports. The outcome of that match will impact w7m esports’ standings in the group stage. Teams receive 4 points for a 2-0 win and 3 points for a 2-1 win. So if manage a 2-0 win over BLEED, they can potentially secure themselves the top spot. 

W7m esports had a strong start against Team Liquid on Day 4, winning Clubhouse and marching off to a 6-0 lead on Consulate. However, the Brazilians (referring to Team Liquid in this case) managed a heroic comeback to bring back the score and win Consulate in Overtime.

The Six Invitational 2024 kicked off on February 13 and will continue till the 25th of February. The tournament has the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in competition for what is the biggest event of the game.