This is my brutality… actually, this is my brand new skins that have come out in the Rainbow Six store.

WWE Superstars Roman Reigns and Rhea Ripley have become the latest sports entertainers to have crossover skins featured in Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege.

Both Reigns and Ripley are fitting candidates for inclusion in the game, they are respectively some of the biggest stars in both the male and female divisions in the WWE.

Reigns' new bundle features his likeness for the Oryx character in R6. It features a "Head of the Table" t-shirt and Reigns' signature red glove.

Ripley's character model features her purple clothing and spiked sleeveless jacket. Although the faces of the R6 characters cannot be edited, they both look strikingly like their wrestler counterparts.

The new Roman Reigns skin in Rainbow Six.
The new Roman Reigns skin in Rainbow Six.

Both bundles include the outfits, alongside weapon charms and a weapon skin. It also comes with a card background but that is exclusive to the character of the bundle. In this case, that's Oryx and Ash.

The bundles will set you back 2160 Rainbow Six credits. That works out to be around $15.99 when purchasing a slightly bigger bundle of credits.

Not the first time WWE has been in Rainbow Six

These two being involved is no surprise and it's not the first time that the WWE and Rainbow Six have released a collab. In January 2023, The Undertaker and Becky Lynch were both available as cosmetic items. The Deadman and Big Time Becks are another two of the most recognisable stars in WWE. These four being grouped together only makes sense.

Undertaker and Becky Lynch characters in Rainbow Six Siege.
Undertaker and Becky Lynch characters in Rainbow Six Siege.

WWE have had numerous crossovers with other game titles over the years. These are just the latest in a long line of licensed character models. Some people are speculating that the next WWE superstar to be featured in a video game could be John Cena in Overwatch.

We're not sure how anyone will be able to play against him when he's got actual invisibility powers. That's if he comes to Overwatch of course.

Cena previously featured in Fortnite as a purchasable skin. Other WWE crossovers include Fall Guys and Rocket League. The latter of which had superstar's branding smattered all over the cars in the game.

That's all you need to know about Roman Reigns and Rhea Ripley in Rainbow Six. Be sure to stick to for all the latest Rainbow Six Siege and general gaming news and reports.