Here are Ram’s loadouts, synergies and counters.

Ubisoft announced a new Operation Heavy Mettle that also adds a brand new operator to the game - Operator Ram. The third South Korean operator is Rainbow Six Siege’s 69th operator. With a very versatile and relatively complete loadout, Ram is going to be one of the more popular operators in R6. 

Who is Ram in Rainbow Six Siege?

Image Credit: Ubisoft.
Image Credit: Ubisoft.
  • Primary Weapons:  R4C Assault Riffle or LMG-E Light Machine Gun 
  • Secondary Weapons: ITA 12S Shotgun or MK1 9mm
  • Gadgets: x3 Stun Grenades or x2 Hard Breaching Charges

Ram’s stacked loadout undoubtedly makes the operator one of the more exciting ones for players to try. With an Attacker role, Ram can essentially use its kit to provide entry frags for the team.

From Busan, South Korea, she grew up in orphanages and served in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces the moment she came of age. Raising quickly through the ranks, she was recruited in to an all-female CTU unit known as Tarantula. Ram has now found her new family in REDHAMMER, a family that appreciate her destructive force and fierce focus.

However, what has players excited is Ram’s gadget - the Bu-Gi Auto Breacher, an attacking drone that can run over every device in Rainbow Six Siege. Here’s more information about the brand new gadget.

Ram has four Bu-Gis and can throw them to a window just like any other drone. 

What role does Ram occupy in R6?

Ram’s versatile loadout means the new operator can be used in a variety of roles. Her primary weapons, both the R4C and the LMGE are relatively aggressive weapons. This is why we might see Ram take on a more entry-fragger role in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Which operator has the best synergy with Ram?

Ram’s drone forms the core of its loadout. Knocking down deployable shields means the team can brute force their way into certain encounters. Of course, the new update also adds a similar ability to several other operators, however, Ram’s indestructible drones are singularly focused.

As Ubisoft says, the Bu Gi are loud, powerful, and distracting. So there are strategies that can be implemented with Ram that completely confound the opposing team. 

Does Ram have any counters?

Image Credit: Ubisoft
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Speaking specifically about the Bu Gi, it is loud enough that anyone can hear it. However, there are four Bu Gis that can prove to be a heavy nuisance as a defender. One of the main complaints that some people in the community have is that Ram is a low-skill operator who does not require a mastering curve. There is little risk that the operator has to endure in order to get rewards, which makes this operator an overpowered one.

There are operators that can counter Ram, such as Solis and Mute (by jamming it). But the general consensus is that this operator should receive a nerf soon after launch.