Rainbow Six Siege Winter Event – Freeze For All adds new LTM, Map cover image

Rainbow Six Siege Winter Event – Freeze For All adds new LTM, Map

Launch the game for a free Collection Pack during the event.

Rainbow Six Siege players can expect non-stop action and some chilly vibes with the new ‘Freeze for All’ event. Ubisoft announced the Freeze for All event which is a play of words on a Free for all Game mode. Here’s everything you need to know about this event.

What is Freeze For All?

Freeze For All is a new FFA game mode in Rainbow Six Siege. The ten-player deathmatch game mode has no downtime and there’s action galore for every player. There are no teams, every person for themselves in this new game mode. 

With snowfall adding to the Cold vibes, the Freeze For All event does not have a fixed attack or defense roles. Instead, players cycle through the five different loadouts throughout the game. Here are some key features of the Freeze For All Game mode in Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Ten players, Five roles, Five rounds
  • Zero Idle time
  • No Attack or Defense sides
  • Players equipped with 5 rotating loadouts every round
  • Score points by damaging or killing opponents
  • Players respawn on the roof and can throw snowballs at enemies

Death is not the end in this new LTM as players will simply respawn on the roofs. From here they can throw snowballs at their opponents who now suddenly have to deal with another angle of attack. 

The game mode is a fun fast-paced one that will need players to come up with unique strategies to win. After all, what is a Rainbow Six Siege LTM without a new strategy that will surprise everyone. It’s not just opponents (dead or alive) that you need to worry about. There are also Ice Spikes, Underground zones and breakable soft ice walls that will damage or worse, eliminate you. 

New Map: Workshop

<em>The New Map - Workshop</em>
The New Map - Workshop

All the action takes place on a new map - Workshop. The Frozen map is the first LTM map in Year 8 and is essentially a winter-themed version of The Arctic Workshop. 

Rotating Abilities

LTMs can become boring after repeated play, but with operators getting rotating abilities, it is always going to be a different experience. All players will play all classes and different roles might mean changes to weapons or even special abiltiies. While we wish we could choose and select these combinations, it will be interesting to see what the game serves us. 

Finally, there are new cosmetics as part of the latest update. Four new cosmetics, each selling for 1680 R6 Credits or via the collection packs at 300 R6 Credits (12,500 Renown) each. Players will receive one Collection Pack free if they simply connect to the game during the event. They will receive additional packs for free if they complete the various weekly challenges.

The Freeze For All Event is already live and continues till January 5, 2024.t