Ubisoft introduces Mousetrap to tackle the menace of Mouse and keyboard players on console cover image

Ubisoft introduces Mousetrap to tackle the menace of Mouse and keyboard players on console

The first time a game developer tries to tackle the problem of players using input spoofing devices on console.

Ubisoft’s efforts to ensure fair gameplay for all of its players have resulted in some unique features being announced at Six Invitational 2023. To tackle the growing instances of Mouse and Keyboard players competing with those on console, Ubisoft will now be penalizing them with increased latency. This is probably the first time in the industry that a game developer has tried to come up with a non-ban solution for crossplay inequalities.

Input spoofing devices allow players to play with a mouse and keyboard on console. This method inadvertently gives them a massive advantage in their matches where their opponents are mostly limited to handheld consoles. Ubisoft has now come up with a solution for this problem and it is not something that stops at banning players who use these devices.

Input spoofing devices are one of the biggest complaints we get from our community. We heard you, we agree. It feels really unfair to play against other players who have an unfair advantage.

Jan Stahlhacke, Gameplay programming Team Lead, Ubisoft.

With a rather amusing name, ‘Mousetrap’ is Ubisoft’s new system that will help detect players using Mouse and Keyboard on console. In fact, Mousetrap has been running in the background in shadow mode for several seasons. Gathering data without announcing it to the R6 community has allowed Ubisoft to obtain detailed information on which players are spoofing (using Mouse and Keyboard) and when they are doing so.

Spoofers are most common at the highest ranks

(Image Credit: Ubisoft)
(Image Credit: Ubisoft)

Have you ever thought why that one player is Diamond or Champions in Rainbow Six Siege while you seem stuck at Gold? Turns out, they might be using a Mouse and keyboard on consoles. Now don’t get me wrong, not all high-rank players are using a mouse and keyboard. But it is still a substantial enough number. So Ubisoft had to design and implement a new system to catch these cheaters. 

How does Ubisoft plan to tackle mouse and keyboard players on console?

Mousetrap will release mid-season in Season 8 Year 1.2. When Ubisoft detects that you are using a mouse and keyboard in consoles and trying to cheat, instead of simply banning you they will start adding latency to your individual experience. This latency will start off extremely low and initially will not have much impact. But as you continue playing, the latency will increase and ultimately you will feel its presence and how it impacts your game. 

You wanted to gain an advantage with a mouse and keyboard? Well, Ubisoft just took it away and more.

How to remove Mousetrap latency penalty?

The answer is simple - You just unplug your spoofing adapter and continue playing on console. Play the game like it’s supposed to be played. The latency will gradually reduce over several matches.

Will this affect accessibility?

The Mousetrap feature has taken into consideration accessibility devices used by disabled gamers. However, in case there are conflicts, users can still scan a QR code (in-game). This will connect them directly with Ubisoft to help them improve their Mousetrap system.