The new Ubisoft marketplace will allow users to earn R6 credits for their cosmetics.

Ubisoft announced the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace back in December. The Marketplace Beta will go live very soon, Ubisoft has revealed as part of Operation New Blood. More details about Operation New Blood will be available on May 26 and R6 players can catch all the latest information only at 

What is the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace by Ubisoft

Image Credit: Ubisoft
Image Credit: Ubisoft

The Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace is a place for players to buy or sell R6 cosmetics. They can sell their cosmetics for a virtual currency called R6 Credits. These R6 credits can then be used to buy even more cosmetics. Sometimes, players will receive cosmetics that they do not want to use. They can sell these cosmetics in the marketplace, and earn some R6 credits. After collecting enough R6 credits, players can then buy whatever cosmetics they want depending on their preference. 

There are some restrictions on items available in the marketplace. For starters, only items that are currently tradable are available in the marketplace. Items from the current season won’t be tradable until the next season releases. 

The Rainbow Six Siege marketplace will see Ubisoft take a 10% transaction fee. This is lower than Steam’s 15% fee. 

When does Rainbow Six Siege marketplace release?

Rainbow Six Siege marketplace should go live early in Season 2. This means it should go live around June 15. Everyone with a clearance level of at least 25 will get access to the marketplace without having the need to register.

Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace FAQs