The event runs from July 10 and will continue through till July 31

The clash between Organics and Robotics in the retro-future-styled redesign of the Tower Map returns in Rainbow Six Siege today. A new Limited Time event - Arms Race - returns to Rainbow Six Siege. 

What is the Arms Race in Rainbow Six Siege?

All players start out with the same weapons in Arms Race. Their goal is to get as many kills as possible. The twist lies in the fact that they get a new weapon every time they get a kill. It’s a very interesting game format that requires players to be comfortable with multiple weapons.

After going through several kills comes the final stage of the Arms Race. Players receive a Golden Hammer that they have to get the final frags. The Golden Hammer must be used to smash the braincase and win the round. The first team to win two rounds wins.

The Arms Race takes place on the MUTE Comm Tower version of the Tower map. Each subsequent round takes place on a higher floor than the rest. 

What’s new in the MUTE Protocol Collection?

There are three new bundles as part of the MUTE Protocol Collection

  • Glaz
  • Brava (Organics)
  • Alibi (Robotics)

Some of the previous Robotic bundles such as Oryx, Lion, Vigil, and Ying will also be available. There’s something unique available for players that grind the Arms race to collect all seven bundles. Players who have all seven bundles will receive the Memnto MP5K weapon skin. 

How to claim the Twitch Drops during the MUTE Collection Pack?

Players can also claim Twitch Drops as part of the campaign. They can login and complete the weekly challenges to unlock an updated Robotics bundle for mute. In the future, they will also have an opportunity to earn a free Kapkan skin.