The new partnership will begin with the Aim Lab Combine starting June 16.

Ubisoft, developers of Rainbow Six Siege, announced today that Aim Lab will become the official player development platform for the game's esports scene. The company will use its advanced machine learning technology to analyze R6S players' skill levels and teach them how to improve their game, starting with an in-game combine event beginning June 16. 

The Aim Lab Advantage

The partnership with Ubisoft will begin with the Aim Lab Combine, beginning June 16 and running through June 30. The Combine's six steps will monitor Siege players throughout multiple scenarios, helping them improve in the game's more advanced tactics. These include lean mechanics, entry points, scanning, trigger and recoil control, and crosshair placement.

Players will also receive a Player Card reflecting their marks in four core areas: accuracy, speed, reaction time, and tracking. Their Combine score will then feature in a ranking system for both overall score and individual events.

Training Tomorrow's Champions Today

This is not the first partnership Aim Lab has made with esports publishers. Previously it joined with Riot Games for VALORANT back in January 2021. It's also not the company's first R6 Siege-related partnership, signing with Darkzero Esports in late 2020.

"We are excited to partner with Rainbow Six Esports to develop the training programs and advanced analytics the league and teams need to identify and develop future pro players," Dr. Wayne Mackey, founder of Aim Lab, said in the official release. "The Combine is only the first step."

Additionally, the partnership with Ubisoft will add an exclusive weapon skin to Rainbow Six Siege. Called the Aim Lab 24 KARAT, the AUG A2 skins are awarded to any player who tries the Combine. However, only operations Wamai and IQ can equip the skin, as they are the only two who have the AUG A2 in their loadouts.