The first part of Pokémon’s Hidden Treasures of Area Zero is here! Let’s explore all of the new and returning faces of the Teal Mask DLC.

The first of the two-part expansion DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet arrives today. The Teal Mask DLC is set to bring a combination of brand-new Pokémon, returning favorites, and a new story. Players are getting ready to explore the new Kitakami area of Paldea.

The new Pokémon of the Teal Mask DLC

The face of the Teal Mask DLC is Ogerpon. This legendary Pokémon is a pure Grass type, but it has three different masks that can change this. The Hearthflame Mask makes it a Fire type, which makes it the only other Fire/Grass type Pokémon in the history of the game. Meanwhile, the Wellspring Mask makes it a Water/Grass type as well. The Cornerstone Mask makes it a Rock/Grass type.

Although not much is known about the Pokémon, the different forms will allow for quite the unique defensive or offensive strategy. Additionally, according to its Pokédex entry, Ogerpon is typically accompanied by three other Pokémon.

Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti, the Loyal three

This trio of Pokémon in the Teal Mask DLC are the guardians of Ogerpon. Each of them have relatively unique typing in that they are dual Poison types. Okidogi stands with Toxicroak and Sneasler as the few Poison/Fighting types in the game.

Munkidori is part of an even more exclusive typing of Poison/Psychic, with the only other option being the Galarian Slowbro line. Additionally, Fezandipiti is a Poison/Fairy type. The only other Pokémon to share this typing is Galarian Weezing.

The Teal Mask's loyal three: Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti (Image via Pokémon)
The Teal Mask's loyal three: Munkidori, Okidogi, and Fezandipiti (Image via Pokémon)

All three of these Pokémon will serve quite the special niche in team building. On top of that, they all have the Toxic Chain ability, which is like the Poison Touch ability turned up to 11. When a Pokémon with this ability uses a move, whether that be physical or special, it has a chance to badly poison a target. This isn't just your regular Poison, either. It's Toxic poison, which means that the damage increases each turn.

Returning faces

The Teal Mask DLC also brings a variety of Pokémon from previous generations to Paldea. There are over 100 Pokémon returning in the DLC. Some of these include Milotic, Ninetales, Snorlax, Mamoswine, all three Sinnoh starters, Chandelure, and Shaymin.

Some of the returning Pokémon in The Teal Mask DLC (Image via Pokémon)
Some of the returning Pokémon in The Teal Mask DLC (Image via Pokémon)

All of these additions will surely make a noticeable impact on the competitive and casual meta of Pokémon. The Teal Mask DLC is only the first part of the Hidden Treasures of Area Zero expansion. The Indigo Disk is releasing later this year.

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