Pokémon Showdown announces a new Ubers UU format! cover image

Pokémon Showdown announces a new Ubers UU format!

Pokémon Showdown just unveiled a new format. Join us as we explore the new Ubers UU tier of Pokémon and uncover the emerging meta.

Pokémon Showdown, the premier battle simulator for Pokémon, has unveiled a new format called Ubers Underused (UU). This new, unofficial tier is for the Pokémon that are too strong for the Overused (OU) tier and too weak against the plethora of legendaries that reside in the Ubers tier. This new format provides a home for those Pokémon while still allowing for usage of legendary Pokémon that don't quite fit the bill of Ubers. So let's dive into the Ubers UU tier!

Pokémon's new Ubers UU format

The new Ubers UU format has the same tiering mechanics as all the other Pokémon Showdown tiers. This means any Pokémon in the Ubers tier with less than 4.52% usage are in the tier, and those over won't be in it. Examples of low-usage Pokémon include ones like Dialga and Palafin. Meanwhile, the top percentage of the OU and UU tiers still can find plenty of usage. Dragonite is an example of this.

The Smogon article introducing the Ubers UU tier highlights some of the popular Pokémon of the tier. The top contender is none other than the Steel and Fairy type — Magearna. With a physically defensive set, Magearna is a great wall for the various threats in the tier while also being able to spread spikes and paralysis through Thunder Wave.

Magearna's popular defensive set for Ubers UU (Image via Smogon)
Magearna's popular defensive set for Ubers UU (Image via Smogon)

Another staple of the tier is the infamous Chi-Yu. The Dark and Fire type has become a meme in the Pokémon VGC community for its overwhelming power. The combination of STAB Overheat as well as its Beads of Ruin ability allow the fish to one-hit kill almost any threat. Throw on a Choice Scarf, and you have yourself an insanely strong one-shotting machine.

In the same article, Smogon highlights the basics of the meta of Ubers UU. That hyper offense has lost its crown. In the new format, countless strategies are all on a relatively even playing field. Each weather, defense/stall, trick room, and hyper offense are all viable options for trainers. Additionally, hazards play a key role in the meta of the format, with the best hazard blocker, Gholdengo, being a premier pick. So make sure your team can deal with Gholdengo and get rid of hazards.

Banned Pokémon in Ubers UU

There are also several banned Pokémon in the Ubers UU format. They're mainly the Arceus forms such as the Steel, Water, and Flying types. Due to the Judgement, Calm Mind, Recover, and Taunt set, few Pokémon in the Ubers UU tier could beat Arceus.

Arceus screenshot (Image via Smogon)
Arceus screenshot (Image via Smogon)

Additionally, Sky Forme Shaymin is also banned from the tier. In simple terms, it's because of Serene Grace and Air Slash. Sky Forme Shaymin has both the ability and the move to stop your opponent from playing the game. With a 60% chance to cause flinch on every attack, few Pokémon could take down the sky dog.

How to play the new format and Pokémon Ubers UU resources

You can head to Pokémon Showdown to try out the new Ubers UU tier yourself here. There are also lots of forums and resources about the tier on Smogon's dedicated forum page. All you need to do is hop on Pokémon Showdown and give the new format a try with your very own team! Good luck and may the best trainer win.

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