What shiny odds can you expect this weekend?

Pokémon GO Fest: Global rolls into town this weekend, with Shiny Pokémon a big part of every Trainers experience. But, there is a lot of mystery around exactly what the odds are of encountering Shiny Pokémon during the event.

There is a ticket avaliable for GO Fest: Global, that promises increased odds of encountering Shiny Pokémon. What odds does that grant and how does it compare to playing the event without the paid ticket?

Here's all you need to know.

What are the Pokémon GO Fest: Global shiny odds?

It must be stressed that Niantic never actually confirm the shiny odds for GO Fest events, and they can change year on year. There is also a difference between the odds at the three in-person GO Fest events, when compared to the Global event. So, if you had friends who attended, or attended yourself, don't expect Global to be the same experience.

But, we can work out roughly what shiny odds should be at GO Fest: Global from the data avaliable and the shiny odds we do know.

Different events in Pokémon GO have different shiny odds. Raid Days and Hatch Days are 1 in 10, Legendary Raids are 1 in 20 and Community Days are 1 in 25. The standard shiny odds in Pokémon GO are 1 in 512.

In-person Pokémon GO Fest events have shiny odds of about 1 in 64. This is the same for other in-person events like GO Tour and Safari zone.

These odds are different for the Global version of the events. The shiny odds for Pokémon GO Fest: Global should be 1 in 128. This only applies to Trainers who have the paid in-game ticket.

Does this apply to all Pokémon?

Not complicated enough? Some Pokémon and some means of obtaining Pokémon will have different Shiny odds during GO Fest Global, and do in general.

The range of raids on offer will have the usual 1 in 25 shiny odds that apply to Raids. Pokémon GO have also revealed that 7 km Eggs will have increased shiny odds during the Inbound from Ultra Space event. These will have shiny odds of 1 in 64.

In addition, some Pokémon have boosted shiny odds of 1 in 64 permanently. These are for Pokémon that are rarer. During GO Fest Global they will keep their 1 in 64 odds, and will not use the 1 in 128 odds. This includes Pokémon like Espurr, which will be spawning.

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