Could we FINALLY see Mega Metagross in Pokémon GO?

Mega Metagross is one of the most anticipated Mega Pokémon in Pokémon GO, and fans think it might finally be coming to the game.

Pokémon GO Fest is always some of the best Pokémon GO there is. We get fantastic debuts, amazing bonuses and exciting gameplay. This year, Trainers are getting the chance to earn three 'Ultra Unlock' events if they can complete certain challenges during GO Fest: Global.

Niantic have released the dates and names for these Unlocks, in anticipation of their completion. These are, Better Together, Strength of Steel and Mega Raid Day.

Do event names hint at Mega Metagross Pokémon GO debut?

It is these event names that is making Trainers think that we might finally be about to see Mega Metagross enter Pokémon GO.

Mega Metagross is a Steel-type Pokémon. The Strength of Steel event is a huge giveaway that whatever bonus we are getting, it will be Steel themed. Better Together, Trainers think, could be a play at Mega Metagross being a fusion of Metagross and Metang. Then, of course, the Mega Raid Day means we are getting some sort of Mega Pokémon to get after. For an Ultra Unlock, this surely will be a debut.

Put those three things together, and signs do point towards Mega Metagross. However, nothing is confirmed at this point and we don't yet know what the Ultra Unlock events will be about in detail.

Could it be Mega Lucario's debut instead?

There is one other potential option based on the hints we are getting. The only other Steel-type Mega Pokémon not yet released is Mega Lucario. Like Mega Metagross, this would be a very popular and welcome debut.

Do the hints stack up? Pretty much. The Steel-typing checks out. The Mega Raid Day checks out. The 'Better Together' aspect is a little bit more strenuous. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Riolu evolves into Lucario with high Friendship. So, this could be a play on that mechanic and a buddy themed aspect of the Ultra Unlock.

We will find out more information on if the Ultra Unlock will debut Mega Metagross in advance of Pokémon GO Fest: Global, which takes place July 13 - 14.

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