Have a spare $4,000 laying around? Why not drop it on the Fendi Pokémon collab and get yourself a Dragonite purse. As a treat.

Now, I realize I'm a man, so bear with my naïvety. But when I saw the Fendi x Pokémon collab announced back in December I thought "Oh, that Dragonite bag is cute, maybe I can grab it for my wife."

Ha. Hahahahaha. Oh, I'm a dummy. If you thought the giant-sized Wailord plushie was the most expensive Pocket Monster merch ever then Fendi has a surprise for you. The italian clothier and taste maker teamed up with FRGMT and Pokémon for a designer line based around the OG dragon-type.

I guess the joke is on me for not knowing how much a bag costs.

Fendi Pokémon collab: Dragon frenzy

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The Fendi site includes a quote from streetwear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara, saying "“FRGMT plays with Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite to transform the Maison’s signatures and icons into mini pop monuments.” I'll be honest, I only know what the Pokémon words in that statement mean. I also understand that money talks and the Fendi x Pokémon line is definitely not meant for me.

I may or may not be wearing a pair of joggers from Target at the moment.

Featuring a number of high-end bags, card holders, and jewelry, the collaboration includes items for both men and women. And, hey: It's cute. The bags are cute. However, I also know enough that it's less about the adorable embroidery of some of my favorite Pokémon and more about the Fendi bags themselves.

Fendi has a long history of excellence and quality in the fashion space--a space where name and label matter as much as anything else. Sadly, dear reader: I will not be buying a $3,980 USD Baguette fabric bag or even a far more "affordable" $340 card holder any time soon.

But maybe I can save up for that $850 white t-shirt. Ya know, as a treat.

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