Get the lowdown on all the Timed Research tasks.

The Inbound from Ultra Space event is here, bringing with it two Timed Research tracks with some excellent rewards.

This event is all about Ultra Beasts, with each day seeing a different powerful Pokémon in Raids. It is as you complete these Raids that you will work through the Timed Research tasks that this event has in store.

Critically, the rewards include a chance to catch one of each Ultra Beast. Some of these Pokémon are region locked, so you might not yet have them in your collection. All the rewards can be Shiny.

Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research

Here are all the tasks in the free Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research:

  • Win 2 Raids - Blacephalon encounter
  • Win 3 Raids - Stakataka encounter
  • Win 4 Raids - Guzzlord encounter
  • Win 5 Raids - Nihilego encounter
  • Win 6 Raids - Kartana encounter
  • Win 7 Raids - Celesteela encounter
  • Win 8 Raids - Xurkitree encounter
  • Win 9 Raids - Buzzwole encounter
  • Win 10 Raids - Pheromosa encounter

For completing all of these tasks you will get 5x Buzzwole XL Candy, 5x Pheromosa XL Candy and 5x Xurkitree XL Candy.

Ultra Beasts 100% IV Values

Here are the 100% IV values for the encounters you can get from the Inbound from Ultra Space Research.

  • Blacephalon - 1413 CP
  • Stakataka - 1412 CP
  • Guzzlord - 1237 CP
  • Nihilego - 1692 CP
  • Kartana - 1575 CP
  • Celesteela - 1329 CP
  • Xurkitree - 1687 CP
  • Buzzwole - 1483 CP
  • Pheromosa - 1218 CP

Premium Timed Research

For Pokémon GO Trainers looking to add to their grind, there will be a $4.99 Research Ticket. This grants the below Inbound from Ultra Space Premium Timed Research, as well as a few bonuses. Trainers get 5,000 XP extra per Raid, 2x Stardust per Raid, additional Candy and one additional Raid Pass per day.

The tasks are as follows:

  • Win 2 Raids - 5x Blacephalon XL Candy
  • Win 3 Raids - 5x Stakataka XL Candy
  • Win 4 Raids - 5x Guzzlord encounter XL Candy
  • Win 5 Raids - 5x Nihilego encounter XL Candy
  • Win 6 Raids - 5x Kartana encounter XL Candy
  • Win 7 Raids - 5x Celesteela encounter XL Candy
  • Win 8 Raids - 5x Xurkitree encounter XL Candy
  • Win 9 Raids - 5x Buzzwole encounter XL Candy
  • Win 10 Raids - 5x Pheromosa encounter XL Candy

Additionally you get 10x Cosmog Candy, 2024x Stardust and 1x Star Piece for completing those tasks.

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