Fearless is a tank in ZETA DIVISION.

ZETA DIVISION, formerly known as JUPITER, has signed an Overwatch 2 team. The team consists of players of the From The Gamer's roster.

ZETA DIVISION signs Overwatch 2 team

After disbanding in 2020, ZETA DIVISION is back with a new Overwatch 2 roster. The Korean roster now includes players of the From The Gamer team, who recently achieved third place in the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) 2024 Asia Stage 1 Main Event and the OWCS Stage 1 Korea tournaments.

Kim "AlphaYi" Jun (Image via ZETA DIVISION)
Shin "BERNAR" Se-won (Image via ZETA DIVISION)
Lee "Fearless" Eui-Seok (Image via ZETA DIVISION)
Oh "FiNN" Se-jin (Image via ZETA DIVISION)
Lim "Flora" Young-woo (Image via ZETA DIVISION)
Park "Viol2t" Min-ki (Image via ZETA DIVISION)

ZETA DIVISION Overwatch 2 roster

  1. Kim "AlphaYi" Jun (DPS)
  2. Shin "BERNAR" Se-won (Tank)
  3. Lee "Fearless" Eui-Seok (Tank)
  4. Oh "FiNN" Se-jin (Support)
  5. Lim "Flora" Young-woo (DPS)
  6. Park "Viol2t" Min-ki (Support)
  7. Park "Neko" Se-hyeon (Coach)

ZETA DIVISION's team includes AlphaYi, BERNAR, FiNN, Flora, Viol2t, and tank player Fearless. Fearless became the Overwatch League (OWL) MVP back in 2022. Missing from the original From The Gamer team is Hwang "Belosrea" Gyu-tae, who is currently a tank for Poker Face.

Photo of Neko (Image via ZETA DIVISION)
Photo of Neko (Image via ZETA DIVISION)


Additionally, Park "Neko" Se-hyeon is now ZETA DIVISION's Overwatch 2 coach. This was confirmed in a post on social media by the esports organization's official account. In Japanese, the post stated how the organization is pleased to announce the re-establishment of its Overwatch 2 division.

The post also linked to an announcement that acknowledged ZETA DIVISION's past as JUPITER and Sean "ta1yo" Henderson's contributions. It then noted that the organization's new Overwatch 2 team is based in Korea instead of Japan.

Photo of ta1yo in a JUPITER jacket (Image via ZETA DIVISION)
Photo of ta1yo in a JUPITER jacket (Image via ZETA DIVISION)

ZETA DIVISION Overwatch 2 players

Favorite Food
Favorite Hero
AlphaYiKimchi stew Watching drama shows"Regret is useless now."PharahAggressive
BERNARKorean barbecue pork bellyListening to music and hanging out with friends"Everything depends on your attitude."TracerBalancer who maximizes team play
FearlessMonjayakiTraveling"Think positively."WinstonFearless
FiNNHayashi rice, udon, and sushi Piano, anime, bowling, soccer, volleyball, and collecting Adventure Time merchandise "There's no paradise to be found when you run away."ZenyattaAll-rounder
FloraKorean barbecue pork bellyPlaying VALORANT when he's not playing Overwatch 2"Enjoy everything."CassidySometimes aggressive, sometimes defensive
Viol2tHamburgersGourmet tours"Live without regrets."KirikoAggressive
NekoSalmonPiano"Work hard, play hard."N/AN/A

ZETA DIVISION's announcement featured some fun facts about each of its Overwatch 2 players as well, including information about their favorite food, hobbies outside of gaming, motto, favorite in-game hero, and preferred playstyle.

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