Will Overwatch 2 have a campaign mode? cover image

Will Overwatch 2 have a campaign mode?

Overwatch 2 is still getting a PvE mode.

The Overwatch community was weary about the idea of Overwatch 2 at first, wondering why a brand new game was needed just for a few new heroes, one less teammate, and a new competitive game mode. But players were more understanding when they learned that Overwatch 2 would also have a campaign mode, finally exploring more of the lore behind the popular FPS. But when Overwatch 2 launched, a story mode was nowhere in sight.

Now, Overwatch players are wondering if the campaign mode is still in the works.

When will Overwatch 2 get a PvE mode?

Overwatch 2 launched without the previously promised campaign mode that would allow players to learn more about each hero's backstory and build up unique skill trees that personalize their abilities and playstyle.

This left many people frustrated with Blizzard but fans shouldn't give up just yet. Overwatch 2 released a road map for the next few months to give players a better idea of what content to expect, including the PvE mode.

According to the road map, a PvE experience will "push the story forward" in 2023. No specific date was given, however, so it's unclear if it's at the beginning of 2023 or in a later season. PvE begins in a "future season" but it's not clear which one just yet.

What will Overwatch 2 PvE mode be like?

Overwatch 2's story mode is a PvE co-op experience that has players completing a story-driven campaign that dives into the game's lore even more than ever before. There will be waves of enemies to take on. You can select any of the heroes on the roster and take part in missions that take place on existing maps and additional locations.

Each hero will have access to a skill tree in the campaign mode and unlockable upgrades that can be used in the PvE mode, upgrading hero abilities so you can better take on missions.

There will be hundreds of hero missions exclusive to each hero once the campaign is finished. Developers stated that they plan to add hundreds of missions over time to keep the mode from feeling repetitive.

What will the Overwatch 2 story mode be about?

Overwatch 2 developers discussed the general plot behind the story mode back at BlizzCon 2019. Heroes will come together to find out the truth behind another Omnic uprising. There will be cinematics throughout the campaign that will dive deeper into the game's lore as you accomplish missions.