A new Overwatch 2 Hero is on the way! Let’s look at the new Support Lifeweaver, abilities, and why you need to burn down his tree ASAP!

The next Support Hero to grace Overwatch 2 is almost here, ready to shake up the meta. Lifeweaver was created to fill the need for more Heroes in the game that aren't aim-reliant. And while that's fantastic news, far more interesting is what we now know about the Lifeweaver abilities suite from the reveal trailer.

What do you need to know now about Lifeweaver? We've got you covered with the five things to be aware of before Season 4 drops next week.

Credit to @Marblr on YouTube for the reference video.

Lifeweaver abilities: The base heal

Every Support Hero has a baseline, spammable heal and Lifeweaver is no different. However, one way the Lifeweaver abilities kit is different than most other Supports is that his left-click requires a charge. A full charge from his Healing Blossom ability appears to heal for about 40 percent of a 200 HP Hero's health. This charge can be held for about 2.5 seconds before it releases. However, you can also spam-click the button for small heals or release the charge early.

For those doing the math, healing a 200 HP Hero from around 10 percent HP will take a little more than two charged Blossoms, or about seven seconds. This definitely indicates that Lifeweaver's abilities lean far more into utility than into quick healing output.

Every rose has its thorns

Lifeweaver has one weird quirk that may take time to learn: You must hit a button to switch between his Healing Blossom and Thorn Volley. The most likely solution is that this can be tied to your scroll-wheel like switching to Torb's hammer, but it still may take some players adjusting to such a change.

For the attack itself, the 60 ammo gun is akin to the Needler in Halo, spraying projectiles in a tight pattern. Like a machine gun version of Sigma's orbs, it looks like the volley will be particularly dangerous up-close and gives the Lifeweaver abilities lineup a bit of a punch. Thorn Blossom appears to have a generous hitbox as well.

That kid is still on the escalator

Featuring a twelve-second cooldown, Lifeweaver's Petal Platform is a fascinating new ability. Able to be used by allies or utilized on enemies, the Platform adds dimension to the game in a similar way to Symmetra's teleporter. It's also interesting to note that this is the second patch in a row where Blizzard has said "Screw you in particular, Orisa," creating an ability that directly counters her Terra Surge.

Expect the Platform to be useful in moving your entire squad to high ground or for tricky saves from Sigma, Orisa, and Mei Ultimates.

Life Grip: Troll or treasure?

What will go down as one of the most contentious abilities in Overwatch 2 come season 4; Lifeweaver's abilities include a reverse-Hog Hook. Life Grip allows Lifeweaver to shield and hoist a team mate to his position, potentially saving them from one false step. However: There's no way this doesn't see abuse via bad-faith players, salty sailors, or jerks.

I fully expect to see a Lifeweaver in Competitive create a Petal Platform over a death pit then Life Grip their Tank to certain doom. Here's hoping Blizzard adds a special button to the 'Report Player' menu that just says 'Life Grip abuse."

Lifeweaver abilities: Tree aggro

What is it with Blizzard and giant trees that they expect people to kill? Those of you who weren't around in the olden days of Overwatch may not remember Symmetra's original Ultimate--the Shield Generator. A physical item, it gave the team armor while also creating a target that the enemy team had to destroy. Tree of Life from the Lifeweaver abilities kit is similar.

Not only does it create a massive obstacle that body-blocks, but it pulse heals your team every one second. The solution? Burn down the tree's 1000 HP lifebar as soon as possible. Only time will tell if the tree can stay alive long enough to effectively heal. It may be the case that teams won't coordinate fast enough on either killing the tree or taking out prime targets.

Lifeweaver releases with Overwatch 2 Season 4 next week.

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