Virtus Pro makes the leap to Overwatch 2.

Virtus Pro have entered Overwatch 2! The illustrious Russian organization has entered the competitive Overwatch 2 scene. The organization signed the former Ataraxia roster. Who have been competing and making waves in the Overwatch 2 FACEIT League Season 1 in the European region. This could be the push the team needed to push onwards to the Esports World Cup.

Virtus Pro signs Ataraxia roster (Via Cavalry Esports)
Virtus Pro signs Ataraxia roster (Via Cavalry Esports)

Virtus Pro sign Ataraxia Roster

The former Ataraxia and now Virtus Pro Overwatch 2 roster is comprised of Rasmus "Raajaro" Rosvall, Christian "Khenail" Ríos, Jesús Núñez "Galaa" López, Paavo "Sauna" Ulmanen, Niclas Smidt "sHockWave" Jensen and Viljami "Clowd" Pikkumäki. The team has been on quite the winning streak lately.

Atraxia has won their past eight matches in the FACEIT League Season One - EMEA Master Road to EWC. In the current standings, they sit second, only behind Spacestation Gaming.

The new, and full Virtus Pro Overwatch 2 roster is as follows:

Raajaro Tank

With their success, the move to acquire the Overwatch 2 Ataraxia roster made sense for Virtus Pro. This iteration of Ataraxia is surprisingly new, only joining the team late April. To now being signed to a massive organization like Virtus Pro. Not to mention the significance of such a big organization like Virtus Pro joining Overwatch 2.

Especially heading into the Esports World Cup. Which is a massive Esports tournament that features multiple games with thousands of dollars in prize money. Countless teams across several of the top Esports in the world like Dota 2, Apex Legends, Counter Strike 2, EA Sports FC, Fortnite, League of Legends and so many more are participating in the cup, vying for the many prizes.

Regardless of the roster the Atraxia squad is on, they'll be sure to continue their dominance.

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