Tyler1 rages on Overwatch 2 players to prove it’s actually him cover image

Tyler1 rages on Overwatch 2 players to prove it’s actually him

Tyler1 has been enjoying Overwatch 2 for the most part. Recently, he ran into a few annoying teammates who didn’t believe it was really him.

It's always a surprise when you are randomly queued up with a famous streamer in a game. And that's exactly what happened when two friends ended up on Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp's team in Overwatch 2.

Seeing Tyler1 on their team caught the duo by surprise. The two Overwatch players started debating if it truly was Tyler1 or just an impersonator.

"Is this actually Tyler?" the first guy asked.

"Sounds like it," the other said, still sounding unsure.

The two then said that it could be a good voice actor, noting that it wouldn't be unheard of for someone to try and imitate the League of Legends icon. But then what about the Battle.net ID? Did someone steal it?

As the conversation went on, Tyler1 remained silent. But he finally grew tired of listening to the back and forth. It seemed like the two were so distracted by the thought of playing with Tyler1 that it was negatively impacting their gameplay.

"Yo, you f—ing s—ters, it's me! Just play the f—ing game!" Tyler1 yelled out in frustration. "I'm not in the mood today to keep losing."

The two Overwatch 2 players were not deterred by the outburst and just started laughing. In fact, the rude comments made it all the more clear that they were, in fact, playing with Tyler1.

Tyler is one of those streamers that has remained popular despite his toxic behavior. He is often revered for his competitive mindset and his determination to be good at every game he plays. A lot of Overwatch fans applauded Tyler1 for being mad at his teammates, joking on Reddit that it's important for gamers to be angry.

On top of that, the Overwatch community was blown away by Tyler1's balls. Despite his height, Tyler1 had the courage and confidence to hook a Reaper, a hero known for his ability to take down tanks like Roadhog.