“I will do everything in my power to bring success to this team!!”

TSM has announced its Overwatch 2 team! An official post also introduced the full TSM roster. Read on for all of the TSM Overwatch 2 players and more.

TSM Overwatch 2 roster (Image via TSM)
TSM Overwatch 2 roster (Image via TSM)

TSM Overwatch 2 roster

  1. Joshua "Chopper" Song 
  2. Julian "Rokit" Pizana 
  3. Park "SeonJun" Seon-jun
  4.  Julian "Raikker" Bevien-Guevarra
  5. John "iCy" Kazura
  6. Christopher "Cjay" Smith
  7. James "MagicM8Ball" Macpherson
  8. Cap1tology (Head Coach)
  9. Joshua "Tensa" Small (Assistant Coach)
  10. James "Faustus" Frye (Assistant Coach)
  11. Austin "Watermelon" (Analyst)
  12. Bruno "GizmomcS" Calapez (Analyst)

TSM Overwatch 2 team

On May 1, 2024, the official TSM account on X revealed its roster of Overwatch 2 players. These players are Chopper, Rokit, SeonJun, Raikker, iCy, Cjay, and MagicM8Ball. In terms of their head coach, it's Cap1tology. Meanwhile, TSM's assistant coaches are Tensa and Faustus. Analysts include Watermelon GizmomcS.

TSM and Overwatch 2: A timeless legacy

The TSM Overwatch 2 roster features a bunch of players from Timeless. The North American team's official social media page acknowledged this and congratulated the roster on joining TSM as well.

"Take good care of them," Timeless added.

A few TSM Overwatch 2 players also expressed their excitement about joining the team. Chopper, for example, wrote that he's extremely grateful for the opportunity. "And I will give it my all to win with these boys," he continued. "Super excited for this next chapter of my career!"

Meanwhile, iCy talked about what joining TSM means to him. "My first introduction to esports was some of my middle school friends showing me the LCS, they were all massive TSM fans," he wrote. "It’s incredible that nearly 10 years later I get the honour to rep such a prestigious name. I will do everything in my power to bring success to this team!!"

With the addition of Overwatch 2 esports, TSM's teams now include ones for CS2, Fortnite, VALORANT, and Apex Legends.

That's all for now. Stick around on esports.gg for more news and updates!

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