The top 5 Overwatch 2 workshop codes for March 2023 cover image

The top 5 Overwatch 2 workshop codes for March 2023

Looking for a change of pace? Stuck in a long queue? Here’s the best Overwatch 2 workshop codes for this month!

Spending too much time in queue? Tired of sitting around for ten minutes just so you can play Cassidy, get 2,000 damage, and hit by a Sleep Dart every time you use High Noon? You aren't alone, friend. Despite promises that the queue times would improve there's still plenty of downtime. Well, no have fear: We're here with the most-used Overwatch 2 workshop codes for March, 2023.

Try some of these codes when you're in need of something besides Skirmish. Who knows? You may even find there's more fun to be had in the workshop than in the real game.

And if you're not sure how to use workshop codes, stick around. We'll cover it at the end of the article.

Top Overwatch 2 workshop codes: Play (paint)ball

A beloved classic! At some point we've all jumped into a game of Ana Paintball via Overwatch 2 workshop codes and... promptly gotten demolished. There's no greater way of feeling your mediocrity than jumping in and getting 360 no-scope Sleep Dart'ed by a veteran Ana player.

Create Jinko describes their version as keeping the core principles and spirit of the original intact: One shot, one kill. This version includes no hardscope restrictions, teleporters, jump pads, and nine maps. Just remember: Sleep Dart doesn't kill!

Overwatch, enhanced

Quoted as being inspired by the Overwatch-alike Paladins, this workshop code by creator Pixelmaker puts a new spin on familiar Heroes. While only containing 23 members of the current roster, the "Overwatch, but with custom abilities. [Talents]" mode allows players to switch your abilities before spawn. There's a lot of customization at work and it's fun to tool around with when you're in the waiting line.

Overwatch 2.0

Sometimes you've just got to take matters into your own hands. In the case of Overwatch 2 workshop codes creator MushaSnazz, this means a complete overhaul of the entire roster. Seriously: We could attempt to list out every Hero tweak in this mod but we may be here until Overwatch 3. Check out the video, grab the code, and see for yourself.

In the meantime, I'll be dreaming about this Wrecking Ball change: "All allies in a 15 metre radius will receive 50 overhealth when Wrecking Ball uses Adaptive Shields." Ah, if only.

Overwatch 2 workshop code: Overrealm

You know what Overwatch needs? MOBA-like items. And invisibility. Sounds grand, right? The Overrealm workshop code turns a standard control map match into an entirely new game. The features include a credits and event system for purchasing new power-ups in-game, and a slew of random effects that help and hurt both sides. This is once again inspired by Paladins, with creator StarkGo putting together something fresh and detailed. Go get invisible today!

Customizable aim trainer

We could all use a little more training these days. After all, how else are you going to ever get out of being hardstuck in Gold? This adaptable aim trainer mod by creator Bella offers a number of bot, Hero, and map settings for any situation. Better yet, you can sticky statistics onto the screen in real time so you know just exactly how bad your accuracy percentage is at any moment.

This is perhaps the most intense and technical of all the workshop codes, so be sure to check out the tutorials and guide on the workshop page.

How do I use Overwatch 2 workshop codes?

To enter a code, you have to do the following steps:

  • Go to Custom Games and create a game.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Select the option "Import code" from the overview.
  • Now, enter your preferred workshop code and click okay.

Have a good time out there!

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