April Fools is over but these iconic voice lines remain. For now.

Overwatch 2 devs went above and beyond with this year's April Fools update, including an entirely new game mode. But there was also a blog post outlining alleged patch notes that "balanced" every single hero, like allowing Genji to heal himself when he spams "I need healing." But there was an overlooked part of the notes that Overwatch 2 fans can't get enough of — every hero had their ultimate voice line changed.

Here are some of the funniest ultimate voice line changes in Overwatch 2.


"Fred... I mean, Bob, do something!"

How are you going to forget your robot butler's name when he puts his life on the line for you every match?!


"Shoot through the big glowy thing!"

It's funny because nobody ever remembers what his ultimate is called. And nobody remembers to shoot through it.


*Foghorn beeps*

Truly terrifying.


"It's 4:57."

"It's 2 in the morning."

"It's past your bedtime."

The cowboy has lost track of time. Honestly, these should be kept in the game. Permanently.


"You can't get me... Weee!"

Doomfist is supposed to be evil... But there's something quite endearing about him having fun while flying into the air and acting so wholesome about the fact that he's about to slam down on terrified enemies.


"Sick 'em, boys!"

"Nom, nom, nom!"

Hanzo is usually so serious. It's nice to see him having fun.


"Everyone stand very still!"

This one is pretty funny because this ultimate truly relies on people not moving after hearing "fire in the hole" and then not dispersing once they hear the tire coming closer and closer. It's just not a good ultimate.


"Turning on the AC!"

Mei always makes it sound so innocent when she's about to kill everyone.



The anime trope continues.


"Agony is grape flavored!"

Come get your hug from this big robotic monster. It's purple.



Reaper = edgy. Voice line = cute. Put those together. Irony.


"What are those!?"

Sigma has long-been judged for having a design with no shoes. The reasoning was also quite offensive when devs first explained it. Sigma using this outdated meme is actually pretty funny. Maybe he'll finally get shoes.

Soldier: 76

"War is a game and I'm using cheats."

"Who took my dentures?"

"Turn that damn music down!"

Soldier: 76 is old. Wait. What is his actual age? I just looked it up. He's actually only late 40s or early 50s... Why is he wearing dentures? Blizzard?


"Get DDOS'ed."

Esports pros are shaking.

Wrecking Ball

"Behold! The children of Wrecking Ball."

Hammond is a ham ham in a ball and he is releasing smaller balls. Pretty funny and cute. Wrecking Ball is very adorable but please... Jetpack Cat...


"Group hug!"

Muscle mommy.


"You're invincible... Now shoot them!"

Zenyatta is the voice of every support that's ever desperately pleaded with DPS players to do their job.

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