It’s the midseason of Overwatch Season 4 and with it comes a new ranking of tanking!

In need of a handy list for the best Overwatch Season 4 tanks? It's the midseason of Overwatch Season 4 and is coming in hot with all the info you require. The mid-season brought about some changes to the tank hierarchy. How much have things changed?

Let's look at who is OP, which Heroes are cringe, and who to pick when it's crunch time!

Overwatch Season 4 tanks tier-list - midseason

This break down of the best Overwatch Season 4 tanks for the midseason is based on a few metrics. This includes an overall decision on what Hero is the best in any overall situation, as well as what best fits in the meta as of May 2023. While everyone may not agree on these choices, it should at least help players make their own decisions on what works best in the current metagame.

This list will be updated again at the midseason.

S-tier tanks

How much things change with a single patch, huh? Once in the tier list dog house, our resident mommy Junker Queen now finds herself at the top. In addition to now halfing more than double the self-healing she had before, Queen also got a DPS boost. The extra two rounds in her gun plus the increase of her throwable knife were unneeded but definitely welcome changes.

Her sustainability and damage cannot be ignored. The ability to run past an enemy tank and immediately kill a 200HP or below Hero in three attacks is a serious threat--and one that makes her the best aggression tank in the game.


Best situations: Pure aggression, fighting over the payload, squishy dive Heroes
Countered by: Ana, Mei, Kiriko
Pairs well with: Brig, Genji, Kiriko Cleanse, Lifeweaver


Best situations: Holding choke points, escort
Countered by: Mei/Reaper aggression, Junker Queen DOT, Symmetra
Pairs well with: Hitscans to follow up on Ultimate; Mercy pocket


Best situations: Dive, squishy enemy team, low mobility opponents
Countered by: Sombra, Discord Orb, Junkrat
Pairs well with: Zenyatta, Genji, Hitscan, confused enemies


Best situations: Countering snipers, punishing DVA/Rein aggression
Countered by: Ana, Zenyatta, Mei wall
Pairs well with: Brig, Lucio Speed Boost, Mercy damage boost

A-tier tanks

Winston, and Reinhardt all represent Heroes whose effectiveness raises and lowers with the meta. All three are rarely, if ever bad. But it's the addition of a healer in Lifeweaver that is able to pull a tank back from the brink of their own bad decisions that makes each far more effective. Alas, Lifeweaver will probably never get Play of the Game for Life Gripping a Reinhardt who cannot stop hitting his charge button.


Best situations: Death ball comps, holding chokes, countering dive
Countered by: Reaper, Symmetra, Ramattra Nemesis Mode
Pairs well with: Brig, Mei, pocket healers


Best situations: Single-target dive, creating separation, maps with boops
Countered by: Symmetra, Reaper, Mei, Bastion, a good Hanzo
Pairs well with: Zenyatta, Pharah


Best situations: Dive comps, countering high ground/Pharmercy
Countered by: Bio Grenade, Ramattra Nemesis Mode, beam damage
Pairs well with: Shield break, Ana/Mercy pocket

B-tier Overwatch Season 4 tanks

The B-tier of Overwatch 2 Season 4 tanks sees a drastic increase and decrease for two Heroes. Orisa continues to fall down the ranks as Blizzard introduces more and more direct counters to her once unstoppable Terra Surge. The emergence of Sombra as a direct counter to multiple Heroes plus Lifeweaver's Petal Platform add even more easy, low-cooldown counters to Overwatch's resident horse gal.

Meanwhile, Doomfist continues to rise in stock with the addition of a healer in Lifeweaver who can amend the tank's worst mistakes. Nothing feels worse as a Doomfist player than missing a Rocket Punch and pretty much guaranteeing your death in the backline. With some extra planning you can now nullify the fun-but-touchy Tank's biggest weakness.


Best situations: Payload escorting, pushing onto points, winning tank battles
Countered by: Zenyatta Discord Orb, Bastion, Sombra, Lifeweaver
Pairs well with: Kiriko cleanses, Nano Dart


Best situations: Defending a control point, attacking high ground, isolating targets
Countered by: Junker Queen, Dva, Discord Orb, Ana, Bastion
Pairs well with: Tracer, Moira, Widowmaker, Lifeweaver, AND THEY SAY--

Situational tanks

More and more Zarya seems absolutely irrelevant. Maybe it's the high cooldowns or that she requires a player who can track the tempo of a team fight. As always, she isn't bad but Zarya does require the right conditions for maximum effectiveness.


Best situations: Death ball, up-close fights
Countered by: Anti-shield Heroes, Junkrat, Moira, Ramattra
Pairs well with: Baptiste, Pharmercy

Bad tanks

Ever alone, ever terrible. Poor Roadhog. Lifeweaver does also help Roadhog some, but he still cannot confirm kills by himself. He can't really do anything except stay alive, which isn't enough to be relevant in this game.


Best situations: Aerial counter, shield break
Countered by: Ana, Zenyatta, Mei, Sombra, Bastion, Junker Queen, Reaper, life itself
Pairs well with: playing VALORANT instead

Keep watch on for more Overwatch Season 4 news as it develops.