A new DPS hero arrives with OW2.

One of the biggest changes coming to Overwatch 2 is the release of a new hero, Sojourn. The DPS hero brings a different style of play with one of her abilities allowing her to deal damage through opponents. Here are Sojourn's abilities and how they will affect her playstyle.


Railgun is Sojourn’s weapon of choice and although it feels similar to Soldier 76’s, the hero has a much more diverse kit than just running and gunning. 

The primary fire actually charges up the secondary fire (right click). You can see the charge in the center reticle and watch it build up as you hit more targets with the railgun primary fire. The more you charge up the secondary fire, the more damage you do with your right click and it can reach very high levels of damage.

Power Slide

Sojourn's power slide also helps her get elevation if she jumps mid-slide. Image Credit: Blizzard.
Sojourn's power slide also helps her get elevation if she jumps mid-slide. Image Credit: Blizzard.

Sojourn can power slide in and out of teamfights, a horizontal movement that reminds you of Soldier 76. Sojourn's abilities allow hero to be extremely mobile and deal immense amounts of damage.

But what’s even more interesting is that Sojourn can also end the powerslide with a jump, gaining elevation and making it much easier for her to go on high ground. She can stop her powerslide at any moment to jump and gain better positioning at an elevation.

Disruptor Shot

An AOE ball of energy that deals damage to opponents while also slowing them down. A type of Crowd Control, the Disruptor shot will be useful in combination with several other abilities. The Disruptor shot allows Sojourn to further enhance his movement relative to the opponents’. 

“Disrupter Shot evolved from shredding barriers to slowing enemies down with a snare that allows Sojourn to get an easier shot with her secondary fire.” 

Disruptor shot can be used in combination with the Railgun, to deal more effective damage to opponents. 

What is Sojourn’s Ultimate?

Sojourn’s ultimate is called Overclock. You know how you needed to charge up Sojourn’s secondary fire? Well, with Overclock, Sojourn’s secondary fire stays charged for the duration of the ultimate. Sojourn can shoot her railgun through multiple enemies dealing immense damage in a straight line.

Sojourn Hero Analysis

Sojourn's abilities: Image Credit: Blizzard.
Sojourn's abilities: Image Credit: Blizzard.

In many ways, Sojourn brings back what Overwatch was at its core. Before the release of heroes like Brigitte and Wrecking Ball, Overwatch had a decent amount of focus on aim. Sojourn brings back that feel with similarities to Soldier 76 but still vastly different from the original hero.

The railgun is one of the most potent abilities in Overwatch and a fully-charged one can kill enemies from full HP with a headshot. 

Overclock makes her output insane amounts of damage and for many opponents, Overclock is when you go into hiding. Sojourn brings the focus back on movement, positioning and aim in Overwatch, things that made Overwatch fun in the first place.

Sojourn's abilities make her very mobile & she can play from wider angles and quickly move in and out of teamfights. She can also help control the teamfights, since in 5v5 meta, there is only one tank and DPS heroes will do more damage.

The Overwatch League 2022 will kick off on May 5 and will be played on the Overwatch 2 beta. As Overwatch fans all over the world watch the ‘new’ version of their game, Sojourn will be one of the most popular heroes in OW2. You can read more on her backstory here.

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