Roadhog bares it all in Overwatch 2 design, leaving fans shaking and crying cover image

Roadhog bares it all in Overwatch 2 design, leaving fans shaking and crying

Roadhog is double cheeked up on a Tuesday afternoon in his Overwatch 2 design.

The new Roadhog design in Overwatch 2 is not considered safe for work on some websites.

Overwatch 2 is just around the corner and it's coming with hero balance updates, new abilities, new voice lines, and even new appearances. Most new designs have been subtle yet impactful, making the heroes a bit more stylish and sleek while still carrying over their personalities and distinct looks.

But there is one hero with a redesign that's a bit more questionable.

Roadhog gets a revealing new design in Overwatch 2

The Overwatch community has been going nuts over some images of Roadhog's new look in Overwatch 2.

The image of the Roadhog design was first shared on Reddit, where the screenshot was labeled as NSFW. That means the image is blurred until someone chooses to see it clearly just in case they are offended by nudity. Upon revealing the image, you'll see a shot of Roadhog from behind where his overalls flop over in such a way that his buttcheeks are exposed.

A post filled with disgruntled fans on <a href="">Reddit</a> (Screenshot via Reddit)
A post filled with disgruntled fans on Reddit (Screenshot via Reddit)

The buttcheeks look a bit like Hank Hill's iconic booty, which is flat and pale.

The Overwatch community has responded with shock and awe at the new design. Here are some of the most recent reactions to Roadhog's revealing new look.

  • "Is he single?"
  • "Piece of cake? That's a whole bakery."
  • "Is he shaven? That's the most surprising part."
  • "His butt was like this in OW1 too. Not sure how everyone is just now noticing. Then again, I guess I'm one of the few sneaking glances."
  • "Ok, I was really apprehensive with the scarce content additions, change to base gameplay, need to unlock characters, battle pass, and stability and business morality of blizzard. BUT THE CHEEKS GOT ME BUSTIN TO PLAY NOW."
  • A reason to play Overwatch 2."
  • "What a double standard! Do this with a Widow skin, you cowards."
  • "Finally some good fan service."
  • "W."

The Overwatch community is clearly in support of this new Roadhog design. Don't be surprised to see a lot of Roadhog mains in a few days.