Do you know what a C9 is in Overwatch or do you just like to spam it in chat? Put your knowledge to the test with our handy quiz.

Alright, tough guy: You spend an awful lot of time in match chat hamming it up and spamming garbage to the opposing team. Admit it, you've thrown out a C9 or two in Overwatch more times than you can count. And that's fine, as long as you're ready to repent, educate yourself, and fix your past mistakes.

And what better way to atone than to take our quiz about the most infamous of in-game Overwatch moments, the C9. One-part meme, another a declaration of skill, and most definitely the most cringe possibility during an Overwatch League match. the C9 in Overwatch is many things to many people.

But that doesn't mean you know what a C9 is or isn't. So, here's a quick history lesson before we send you on your way with a homemade quiz!

What is a C9 in Overwatch?

The C9 in Overwatch is a term to describe when a team abandons the payload or leaves the objective point unattended. Typically during overtime and either on offense or defense. Due to aggression or absent-mindedness or one team leaving the objective. The C9 is best summed up as snatching defeat from victory and a lucky break for the other.

The original Overwatch C9 sin happened way back in 2017, when the game still had six players per team. The London-based esports Overwatch team Cloud9--now the Overwatch League's London Spitfire-- had firm control of an objective while on the Nepal map. And, as fate would have it, every member of C9 left the unattended objective point and allowed its opponent to not only take it back, but take the round.

It's a pure embarrassment. A completely avoidable situation if not for hubris, an inability to pay attention, or an aura of superiority. Time and again since this moment we've seen it happen in Overwatch League.

And if you're in enough Quick Play matches then you've seen it first hand.

Take the quiz: Are you an Overwatch C9 master?

Do you know your Overwatch C9 knowledge? Take our easy quiz above and find out if you need to stay on the payload or if you've got this thing on lock.

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How did you do? Let us know on social media! However, if you did poorly then... Well, maybe you need to stay on the payload more often.

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