QUIZ: Guess who said this — Overwatch 2 edition cover image

QUIZ: Guess who said this — Overwatch 2 edition

Do you know all of the heroes in Overwatch 2? Find out how well you know hero quips, quotes, and conversations in this Overwatch 2 quiz.

Overwatch 2 is just around the corner, bringing with it hero balances, new cosmetics, and new voice lines as the lore continues to expand. New heroes have joined the ever-growing roster and more are coming, including an unnamed tank.

So how well do you know each heroes' distinct personalities and backstories? Test your voice line knowledge — including heroes and lines from Overwatch 2 — in our latest quiz!

So how did you do? Are you familiar with the heroes' banter and quips or do you need more time to get to know them? We'll be back to test your Overwatch 2 lore knowledge soon — so brush up before the game launches on October 4!