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All Overwatch 2 unranked game modes

Looking to know what’s available for Overwatch 2 in regards to game modes? Look no further.

Overwatch 2 has a number of game modes meant for players of all levels. Yes, there are modes outside of Competitive, you stinky try-hards. For the rest of us non-sweaty players not looking to be the best Reddit Lucio we can be, there's a number of fun and unranked Overwatch 2 game modes to enjoy.

Overwatch unranked game modes

When you start overwatch and hit the play button you are greeted with several options - including Unranked, Competitive and custom games. 

Unranked features six different game modes:

  • Quick Play (Role Queue)
  • Quick Play (Open Queue)
  • Mystery Heroes
  • Deathmatch
  • Total Mayhem
  • No Limits

Quick Play

Quick Play is by far the most popular game mode in Overwatch 2. Players can experience different maps, modes, and heroes without worrying about their ranks in Quick Play. For new players in Overwatch 2, Quick Play is the perfect place to begin acclimatizing yourself with the new game.

There are two quick plays - Open Queue and Role Queue.

In Open queue, players can play any role that is available. In role queue, players have to pre-select a role before queuing up for the game.

There are three roles in Overwatch 2 - Tank, Damage and Support.
There are three roles in Overwatch 2 - Tank, Damage and Support.

Below each role is visible the average waiting time for a new quick play game. Usually, Damage roles and tank roles take longer times, but in the early days of Overwatch 2, with so many players playing the game, queue times will be very short. 

There are various aspects of Overwatch 2 that are similar to the previous game. However, it does take a bit of time to get used to the improved graphics and slight changes to the maps. In particular, the transition from Day to Night and vice versa on some maps can be quite confusing at the start. 

Mystery Heroes

Mystery heroes started out as a Brawl in OW1, but it quickly gained popularity and was moved to a full-time game mode. In Mystery Heroes, players cannot select their heroes. They are assigned a random hero and they will play that hero until their next death.

A player will respawn as a new hero and his ult meter will be reset. A player will not respawn as the same hero. 

Overwatch 2 game modes: Total Mayhem

As the name suggests, Total Mayhem is just a big ole mess. While still technically under the same purview of Quick Play, Total Mayhem features a few additional rules:

  • Only Escort and Hybrid maps are available.
  • All heroes have double their usual health.
  • All ability cooldowns are 75% faster.
  • All ultimate abilities charge 50% faster.

See? Big mess. However, if you just want to shoot some stuff and watch things go boom then you can do a whole lot worse.


As the name suggests, Deathmatch is one of the best ways to experience your aim in Overwatch. The aim in a Deathmatch is to reach 20 points before anyone else in the server. 

Deathmatch is a game mode where everyone is your enemy. There are no teams, there’s no coordination. You can be sneaky or you can be aggressive, but you can’t blame anyone else for not winning. 

No Limits

Miss the old Overwatch 1 style? Then try No Limits, where the role limitations no longer apply. Want to run that team of four Reinhardts and a Lucio? Go right ahead. Five Wrecking Balls? Make it so. Five Mercys all only using their blasters? Uh... Sure. Why not?

No kink-shaming here.