Overwatch Twitch Drops return with the Calavera Reaper Bundle cover image

Overwatch Twitch Drops return with the Calavera Reaper Bundle

Overwatch Twitch Drops return with the Calavera Reaper Bundle. Tune in from now until March 19th to claim the four different drops!

Overwatch 2's Twitch drops have returned for the mid-season patch. Players can watch any Overwatch 2 stream on Twitch and receive four different drops for the shotgun wielding Merc- Reaper! There are rewards every two to three hours of watch time, with Drops lasting until March 19.

So, throw on a Twitch stream of your favorite Overwatch player and claim those rewards!

Overwatch Mid-Season Twitch Drops return

From now until March 19, players can earn up to four items for Reaper by tuning in to any Overwatch 2 twitch stream and receiving drops. There are four items available throughout the week long period for players to obtain.

There's a Voice Line, Name Card, Emote and of course, an epic rarity Reaper skin. The more time players spend watching Overwatch 2 streams, the more rewards they will earn.

The amount of time you need to earn each of the Drops is as follows:

  • 2 Hours: Reaper Voice Line
  • 4 Hours: Calavera Name Card
  • 6 Hours: Danza de los Diablos Reaper Emote
  • 9 Hours: Calavera Reaper Epic Skin

The final reward for watching all nine hours of Overwatch 2 streams is the Twitch Drop Calavera Reaper skin.

This Day of the Dead inspired skin for the damage-type hero has become a fan favorite for its look. Mainly, the burning skull that replaces Reaper's normal head. On top of that, rather than the monotone black colors, the Calavera skin features spooky greens to really push the spectral look of the skin.

The Twitch Drops for Overwatch 2 start today, and runs for a week. So make sure to tune into any Overwatch stream to claim the reward. To receive the rewards, make sure to link your Twitch account and then head to your inventory after the set amounts of time.

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