Oops! It looks like Blizzard tried to give away the Owl Guardian Mercy skin for free after selling it nine months ago. Their bad.

Blizzard seems to fail at learning a most valuable lesson -- You don't mess with Mercy fans. Revealed earlier in the week as a new Amazon Prime Gaming free giveaway, the Guardian Owl Mercy skin appearing in this fashion raised immediate outrage. It may have something to do with the fact that the skin was sold in the game's shop a mere nine months ago.

And while this kind of thing has happened before, it usually involved giving away an Overwatch 1 skin. In the case of Guardian Owl Mercy, this was a premium skin made for the release of a season. It appears Blizzard finally got the message after a week of getting destroyed on social media and Reddit. A community Blue Post today revealed a full refund for anyone who bought the item legit.

Owl Guardian Mercy skin and refunds

Good news if you were one of the poor saps who bought that skin for real dollarbucks back in January. Not only are you getting an Overwatch Coin refund, but you'll also keep the Owl Guardian Mercy skin and its contents. The skin is still available on Amazon Prime Gaming as intended. And despite the riling up of an already salty fanbase for a few days, this is a happy ending.

Given Overwatch 2 is in a period of needing to win over as many fans as possible. Giving away a skin sold this year didn't help. Who knew?

Well, Blizzard does now, at least.

Part of hyping up the Anniversary event which started this week, the Owl Guardian Mercy skin is a looker. As it turns out, it's also just another page in what feels like an ongoing drama over Mercy and her skins. It wasn't too long ago that Blizzard came out and said that the much lauded Pink Mercy skin would never make a return.

I look forward to the absolute firestorm that will happen once Mercy gets a Mythic skin.

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