Overwatch Season 8 theme revealed, gets its Kraven the Hunter on cover image

Overwatch Season 8 theme revealed, gets its Kraven the Hunter on

Time to get down in the dirt, as the Overwatch Season 8 theme ‘Call of the Hunt’ brings us all into the jungle.

Well, with less than a week to go we now know the Overwatch Season 8 theme. So, allow me to terribly rewrite the lyrics to some famous American poetry to get you hyped up.

Welcome to the jungle
Time for fun and games
We got all the skins you want
and Reddit will complain

We are the people that can find
That Widow in the weeds
If you got no hitscan, honey
Then lose the chivalry (and they say, and they say, and they say)

Axl Rose, probably

With zero apologies to Guns N' Roses, the next season of Overwatch play, titled Call of the Hunt, looks to focus on on the thrill of the chase. While we already know that Orisa is getting the next mythic skin, it also appears that our beloved Mommy, Junker Queen, is also getting a new look.

Here's what we know so far ahead of the Overwatch Season 8 release on Dec. 5.

Overwatch Season 8 theme - Call of the Hunt

Along with the addition of the new and up-close tank, Mauga, Call of the Hunt also brings Orisa a new skin. The Grand Beast mythic will be customizable in four colors. And, despite the complaints on social media, it does look visually distinct from a previous Orisa bug-based skin. This one includes new sound effects, voice lines, and a brand-new visual effect for Terra Surge.

We also know based on the visual teaser that the Overwatch Season 8 theme will bring along some wild and dangerous new aesthetics. This includes a Junker Queen skin that looks to channel some serious Kraven the Hunter from Spider-Man 2 energy.

Expect a full trailer for the Call of the Hunt season some time this week--along with the usual spoilers and leaks. Right now we don't know what direction the battle pass or the season balance changes will go. However, it feels like a sure thing to assume that Mauga will get some much-needed balance changes before going live.

Hey, it turns out that letting a whole bunch of people try him for three days probably created a ton of good data.

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