The 2022 Overwatch League Grand Finals MVP Fearless is switching teams to join in-state rivals the Houston Outlaws.

While the Overwatch League roster tracker is in full effect some news is just too surprising to not mention. Such is the case of former Dallas Fuel and Overwatch League Grand Finals MVP Lee "Fearless" Eui-Seok signing with in-state rival the Houston Outlaws. Fearless is a OWL tournament mainstay, placing himself as a star tank for multiple teams in two very different stages of Overwatch League play. Fearless joins the returning Oh "Pelican" Se-hyun on Houston's starting roster.

The battle for Texas, renewed

The loss of Fearless for Dallas is certainly Houston's gain. The third-place Grand Finals team in this year's tournament, Houston has been a team searching for identity throughout its existence. This is chalked up to its consistent lack of a strong tank presence, so bad in 2022 that the team moved its former star DPS Danteh over to the role.

This problem goes back even further, with Houston not having a reliable tank since the days of Austin "Muma" Wilmot. Which is to say that the Outlaws have probably never had a consistent and reliable player in its tank driving seat.

There is no substitute for the real thing and Fearless comes with credentials. The Grand Finals MVP placed the Dallas Fuel on his back the majority of the season. This came on the sturdiest and most consistent Winston play in the league and an ability to hold middle ground and staying alive while aggressive.

This leaves an already assumed to be depleted Dallas team without a core identity.

It's too early to predict either teams future at this point. Free agency begins today and we're sure to get a glimpse of both organizations in the coming weeks. Safe to say, the Battle for Texas in 2023 will be as heated as ever. Expect some raw feelings over Overwatch League finals MVP Fearless making the jump to Houston.

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