Overwatch League 2023 kicks off next week with Pro-Am West cover image

Overwatch League 2023 kicks off next week with Pro-Am West

The first official OWL event of the 2023 season is next week with the Pro-Am West showdown. Here’s the details.

Will it be a slaughter, an embarrassment, or both? That's the question as the first event of the 2023 Overwatch League season kicks off on March 23. The Overwatch League Pro-Am West event not only kicks off the start of official OWL play for the year, but will also be our first look at the new "path to pro" system in action.

Seven regional Contenders teams are qualified to go up against the 13 Overwatch League teams of the West Division next week. What happens is anyone's guess. Will a Contenders team pull off a major upset? Will a pro team show their whole rear-end and lose to a team that OWL investors consider a danger to their investments?

Let's look at how it will all go down.

Overwatch League Pro-Am West

With Contenders qualifiers out of the way, we now know the seven teams being inserted into play against the West Division OWL teams. Saints, Trick Room, Redbird Esports, Timeless, and WISP from NA and Twisted Minds and Team Peps from EMEA will join the 13 professional squads in a round robin format for the first two weeks. Following that is a single-elim bracket in week three to decide the winner.

Blizzard notes that, in the case of the EMEA teams they will be provided a facility and travel to London for play, in order to help even out ping.

The map pool for the Overwatch League Pro-Am West event was also revealed. It includes:


  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Nepal
  • Ilios
  • Oasis
  • Lijiang Tower


  • Blizzard World
  • King's Row
  • Hollywood


  • Havana
  • Rialto
  • Shambali Monastery
  • Junkertown


  • Colosseo
  • Esperancia
  • New Queen Street

The matches will begin at 1 p.m. PST each day. Be sure to tune in and see the drama unfold as the Overwatch League defends itself from the next generation. What will happen at the Overwatch League Pro-Am West event is anyone's guess.

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