Here’s the full Overwatch Contenders schedule and more for Path to Pro 2023.

Blizzard has announced the 2023 Path to Pro Overwatch Contenders schedule. Read on for details and the specific dates for Contenders, the Open Division, and more.

Path to Pro Overwatch Contenders schedule 2023

Here is the 2023 Path to Pro schedule. Both the West Region Open Division and Overwatch Contenders will have a Spring and Summer Series. The Open Division will involve swiss gameplay and a double-elimination bracket. Meanwhile, Contenders will involve circuit play plus a double-elimination bracket of its own.

Path to Pro 2023 schedule (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Path to Pro 2023 schedule (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

The Open Division will also be able to enter Contenders, according to Blizzard. Those in Contenders must play well in order to keep their spots. Moreover, there will be a third Open Division featuring a new esports event for Open Division competitors.

Below is the 2023 Path to Pro schedule:

  • West Pro-Am Qualifiers: March 2 to March 12
  • Overwatch League Pro-Am West: March 3 to April 9
  • Collegiate Championship: Feb. 18 to April 23
  • Open Division Spring Qualifiers: March 25 to April 9
  • Contenders Spring Series: April 24 to June 10
  • Open Division Summer Qualifier: Late April to mid-May
    • Signups open: Late March
  • Contenders Summer Series: Mid-July to late August
  • New Open Division Concept: Early July to mid-August
  • Collegiate Homecoming: Early September to late October
  • New Open Division Concept: Mid-November to mid-December

East Overwatch Contenders schedule

As for the eastern region, the Open Division and Contenders tournaments will include Korea (KR), Southeast Asia (SEA), East Asia (EA), and Australia/New Zealand (ANZ). The Open Division for KR, SEA, and EA will involve round-robin group play plus a double-elimination bracket. Meanwhile, the ANZ Open Division will feature a swiss stage before a double-elimination bracket.

"Teams that qualify for Contenders will play different types of tournament stages — dependent on region — to qualify for Overwatch League Opens," Blizzard explained.

Overwatch Path to Pro schedule 2023 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Overwatch Path to Pro schedule 2023 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

KR teams will play in a round-robin group stage for a chance to qualify for the Overwatch League Opens. Certain teams that don't advance will still get a chance via a Last Chance Qualifier event. As for SEA, EA, and ANZ, Overwatch Contenders teams will get to qualify via a double-elimination stage.

Below is the Path to Pro schedule for these regions:

  • Open Division Season 1: March 6 to March 16
  • Contenders Spring Series
    • KR/APAC: March 24 to April 9
    • ANZ: March 29 to April 13
  • Overwatch League Spring Stage
    • Overwatch League Spring Opens: May 1 to May 11
  • Open Division Season 2
    • KR/APAC signups: April 28 to May 10
    • KR/APAC: May 9 to May 18
    • ANZ signups: April 10 to April 24
  • Contenders Summer Series
    • KR/APAC: Mid-May to early July
    • ANZ: May 2023
  • Overwatch League Summer Stage
    • Dates TBA
  • Open Division Season 3
    • KR/APAC: July to early August
    • ANZ signups: Late June to early July
  • Contenders Fall Series
    • KR/APAC/ANZ: Late August to September

That's all for now. Stay tuned on for more news and updates.

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