Cole Cassidy is the star of the latest Overwatch Comic as he sets on a journey to recruit new members to the team. But it’s not the same Overwatch that we know.

Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge is now live on servers giving Overwatch Players an opportunity to win a new skin. They can also read the first issue of a comic series that focuses on the recently renamed Cassidy.

Mccree is now officially Cassidy in the Overwatch Lore with the release of a new comic. The five-part series highlights Cassidy’s efforts to bring new people to Overwatch and to start a new era of the global 

How to Get Cassidy’s New Blood Skin

The Cassidy’s New Challenge ends on November 23. Overwatch players can unlock the Epic Sandstorm Cassidy skin by completing 27 Overwatch games. These games can be across Quick Play, Competitive, or even Arcade games. 

Each win counts as two points. Players earn an icon at 9 points and a spray at 18 points. Overwatch players need to rack up 27 points to ultimately earn the skin.

How to Earn Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge sprays?

Overwatch players can also earn additional Cassidy’s sprays by watching any Twitch streamer play Overwatch till Nov 23. There’s a total of six Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge sprays to be earned. Players earn a Cassidy spray for every two hours of streams they watch. So in order to earn all six sprays, they need to watch Overwatch Twitch streams for at least 12 hours till November 23.

But before you open Twitch to watch streams and earn those Cassidy sprays, be sure to link your Twitch to your

When Does Cassidy’s Challenge End?

Cole Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge ends on November 23. Players have a lot of time to earn the new sprays, player icon as well as the new skin. Meanwhile, Blizzard has also released a new comic featuring Cole Cassidy and Ana. This is the first part of five 

Where to Read Cole Cassidy’s Digital Comic 

The new digital comic dives deeper into the Overwatch lore. Ana sends a note to Cole Cassidy with coordinates halfway across the globe and four words “Charmer, Time To Talk”.  Cole Cassidy meets Ana in Egypt, trying to convince her to join Overwatch again. But Ana has different plans for Cassidy and convinced him to lead new heroes and put them on the right path. 

The comic ends with Cole Cassidy meeting Pharah, Ana’s daughter. The next part of the series will see the reunion of the Mother-Daughter duo. It is still unclear if we will get to know more of the Cole Cassidy Story, and especially focusing on his name-change. But with five parts to the series, Overwatch fans can look forward to a lot more lore and background on their favorite heroes. 

You can read the full comic here.

Stay tuned to for the latest Overwatch news and updates. 

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