This might be the start of Blizzard games listing on Steam.

Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam, Blizzard has announced. The FPS title will be available to a much larger audience on Steam and its launch on the platform coincides with the release of Overwatch 2: Invasion.

We've heard from players that they like games on Steam and have asked us to do the same. Players will always guide our way. We’re excited to be bringing Overwatch 2 to Steam

Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment

When does Overwatch 2 release on Steam?

Overwatch 2 Steam Release

Overwatch 2 will release on Steam on August 10, 2023. Players can add the game to their wishlist as of today. 

Bringing Overwatch 2 to Steam significantly expands Blizzard’s potential player base. The announcement also mentions other Blizzard titles might follow suit, so this might pave the way for games like Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft to come to Steam.

What is Overwatch 2 Invasion?

Overwatch 2 Invasion, releasing on August 10, 2023, is a new PvP game mode in Overwatch. Players who buy the bundle can take on three action-packed missions along with their friends. The Overwatch 2 Invasion allows players to complete these missions which are based in Rio De Janeiro, Toronto, and Gothenburg. 

The PvP Game mode has not only new maps but detailed and in-depth storylines, something that the Overwatch 2 community has been demanding for a long time. Overwatch lore is one of the most interesting game lores out there and ever so often, Blizzard releases stories and animations which further this lore. 

When Overwatch 2 was first announced, the PvP Game mode was one of the main attractions for the new release. However, Blizzard released the game without the new game mode, much to the disappointment of the OW community. The August 10 release date will hopefully bring back old players and also add new players to the FPS title, or so Blizzard hopes.

Players who download Overwatch 2 on Steam will have access to all Steam achievements and Challenges. However, in order to play with their friends who might be using, they will need to link their Steam accounts to This allows them to cross-play across the platforms and with their friends. 

Valve’s Steam platform is the largest distributor of digital video games. While Valve also develops and publishes its own games, the vast majority of games on Steam are from third-party developers.