Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework gives the big boi a big trap cover image

Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework gives the big boi a big trap

The biggest boi of Overwatch 2 has a new toy, as the Roadhog rework coming tomorrow with a new patch fixes the tank’s myriad issues.

It's no secret that Roadhog has been one of the worst tanks in Overwatch for a long time. A change post-launch of Overwatch 2 made it so our resident mad lad couldn't secure one-hit kills on his own off his iconic hook. In other words, it turned him into a big ole target, prone to being hit with every crowd control ability and little way to retaliate. Well, that day is over as the Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework was announced today by Blizzard.

Promised at the start of Season 7, the Roadhog rework in OW was pushed back until tomorrow. Will the changes be enough to give Roadhog the edge he needs?

Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework

Along with Sombra, the goal of the Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework was to increase playability while also providing him with counter-play. In that sense, his new ability, Pig Pen, is a trap similar to Junkrat's trap during the Overwatch 2 beta. During that period, players could still move while trapped, albeit slowly.

Able to be destroyed, the new workflow for Roadhog players will be to hook enemies into the Pig Pen trap. This allows him to secure kills and pull other thanks out of place.

Here's the full abilities list.

What is Roadhog's new ability in Overwatch 2?

Scrap Gun

  • Previous Secondary Fire functionality has been removed
  • Total damage per shot increased from 150 to 160
  • Shotgun pellet count reduced from 25 to 16
  • Shotgun pellet damage increased from 6 to 6.25
  • Now fires a shrapnel volley of 4 large projectiles in the center of the shot
  • Each shrapnel projectile deals 15 damage
  • Critical damage multiplier reduced from 2x to 1.5x

Take A Breather

  • Now activated by holding Secondary Fire
  • Cooldown for each use decreased from 8 seconds to 1 second
  • A new resource meter has been added; This meter will deplete while Take A Breather is active and then recharge when not in use
  • Take A Breather requires 12 seconds to reach full charge from empty
  • At a full charge, Take A Breather can heal up to 450 health over 3 seconds
  • Take A Breather will now remain active as long as its assigned hotkey is held
  • No longer amplifies healing received upon ending
  • Damage reduction decreased from 50% to 30%.

Pig Pen

  • New ability assigned to Ability 2 by default
  • Launch a trap that slows and damages nearby enemies
  • Deals 60 damage when triggered and 30 damage per second in an area
  • 3-second duration when activated
  • 40% movement speed decrease
  • Cooldown is 12 seconds
  • Has 100 HP

New patch, rework coming tomorrow

Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller describes the new Pig Pen trap as similar to Junkrat's, but it pops the enemy up into the air. Likewise, it does damage to everyone in an area. According to the developer the trap is also 'eatable' by abilities such as Genji's Reflect.

We'll have more information on the full patch notes tomorrow when the Overwatch 2 Roadhog rework launches.

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