Celebrate Pride month with Overwatch!

Happy Pride Month! As we enter June, various games celebrate Pride month and Overwatch 2 is no different. June for Overwatch 2 features a new event all themed around the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community! So, log into Overwatch 2 and celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community with the various events that have prepared for the month.

Overwatch 2 Pride Month!

As per the standard of Pride Month, Overwatch 2 is here to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community! Over the course of the month, Overwatch 2 will be celebrating the month with five different events for players to enjoy. As highlighted in the tweet, the five events featured in the month-long event are as follows:

  1. A new Venture Comic
  2. Midtown Pride Parade
  3. Content Creator Streams
  4. Venture Monarch Skin
  5. New Blizzard Gear

In terms of specifics, the Venture comic for the Overwatch 2 Pride event is set to release on June 7th. In terms of the Venture Skin featured in the Pride celebrations, the Monarch Skin for Venture will be available as a Twitch Drop. So be sure to tune into the various Twitch streamers with drops enabled to claim your very own Venture Monarch Skin. (Whatever helps not seeing the default Venture skin everywhere).

Also showcased in the Overwatch 2 pride event are featured streamers. There are ten different content creators that are featured for the event. The full list and dates are below:

June 3 SomnusTwitch
June 4SkiestiTwitch
June 5 Bellabootwitch
June 6 EmiliathTwitch
June 7ErinFPSTwitch
June 10EskayTwitch
June 11GrandmaTwitch
June 12FitzyhereTwitch
June 13DeshaawnnTwitch
June 14Fareeha Twitch

So suffice it to say, there's a lot going on over the course of Pride month within the Overwatch 2 community. Not to mention that we are fresh off the end of OWCS Dallas Major. So the community is as hyped as ever.

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