Overwatch 2 players hate Push mode and are demanding Blizzard reduce the amount of times it keeps showing up.

When Overwatch 2 was first introduced, Blizzard promised that it had enough new content to warrant an entirely new game. One of those big updates was a new competitive game mode, Push. Turns out, however, that Overwatch players are already sick of it.

Overwatch 2 has removed map pools, allowing for more variety in its gameplay. But players have noticed that one game mode has been popping up far too much, making it feel a bit repetitive despite the map pool reversal: Push mode. Even game director Aaron Keller has admitted that Push showed up a lot more than intended in the past and the issue was addressed.

At the time, Keller stated that the frequency of Push in Overwatch 2 was corrected on February 10, providing a bit more balance to the game modes that pop up. But players are not so sure and are demanding it be fixed once again.

One Reddit user shared a screenshot of Push mode popping up more than other modes while playing ranked, demanding that Push be removed from the game.

Image via <a href="https://www.reddit.com/user/Toukomymman/">u/Toukomymman</a>
Image via u/Toukomymman

In response to the plea from the fed up Overwatch 2 player, others chimed in with their own feelings of frustration. One player said: "At this point I'd actually pay money to not play Push."

Some agreed, with one player even admitting they would pay $100 to have it removed. Others said to not give Blizzard any ideas, a jab at the new battle pass system and other micro-transactions that have become more abundant in Overwatch 2.

So why is Push mode so bad in Overwatch 2?

The biggest complaint about Push mode is how the spawn points function. A lot of players noted how long it takes to get from the spawn point to the robot. One player even estimated that it takes about 45 seconds to get back into the fight without mobility options. This can become an even bigger problem when teams start staggering, with some teammates not patient enough to wait for a Reinhardt or Zenyatta to get back to the fray.

For this reason, teams that are behind have to work "extra hard" to catch up. Said one player: "The time it takes to push the robot back to center doesn't count for anything. Imagine if on a control map, you had zero percent and the enemy team had 25 percent... But you have to count down their 25 percent before you can even begin to accrue your own progress."

The TS1 Robot peering over the payload in Overwatch 2's Push Mode
The TS1 Robot peering over the payload in Overwatch 2's Push Mode

While paying money to not play Push in Overwatch 2 is one solution, other players noted that Blizzard could make some simple changes to make the mode more tolerable. One Overwatch fan said that the spawn points could be more centrally located in relation to the robot's position. Another said that Blizzard could add jump pads or provide players with a speed boost.

Blizzard has yet to respond to the new wave of hatred for Push mode. It's possible that developers will try to reduce the amount of times Push mode shows up once again, as Keller previously stated could be necessary. For now, however, players will just have to hope Push mode doesn't pop up next time they jump into queue.

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