Overwatch 2 players not happy with Season 3 challenges cover image

Overwatch 2 players not happy with Season 3 challenges

The Overwatch 2 Season 3 challenges are not going over well with gamers who feel they are creating a toxic environment.

Overwatch 2 players don't like the current game challenges, accusing Blizzard of creating a "toxic" playstyle.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 has a lot of different challenges that award players with XP and currency to use on cosmetics. While this is a pretty common system in FPS games, the Overwatch community has decided they don't really like the way Blizzard has gone about it. Per usual.

Currently, Overwatch 2 players are accusing developers of promoting negative behavior that's ruining games and creating a toxic environment. According to a recent active Reddit post, making challenges focused on winning instead of teamwork has created a lot of issues.

"I shouldn't get 'rewarded' for ditching my team yet that's exactly what happens," one player explained. "I don't blame the people if they leave on a loss before the game ends. It's just the way you get the most wins in the fastest way possible."

Basically, Overwatch 2 players are trying to get as many wins as possible to quickly grind challenges, unlocking awards as fast as they can. To do this, players have started ditching teams early if they sense that a game is a lost cause so they can jump into another game. Teammates have also reportedly become more toxic due to the tension of wanting to win games for the challenge.

"Because more people are leaving games because of this, players trying to grind challenges are thrown into losing games in progress that we can't leave or else we somehow get a penalty. Yeah, because that makes sense," the Redditor said, stating that this leads to a rise in toxicity.

A lot of the Overwatch 2 community agreed, with some stating that they've seen an increase in "raging" teammates. It's made quick play feel a lot more "sweaty" in general, ruining the casual vibe of the matches.

In response, Overwatch 2 players noted that Blizzard should make the challenges more focused on trying out different heroes or doing a certain amount of healing. This would make the challenges more focused on teamwork and casual gameplay rather than grinding wins as fast as possible.

Blizzard has yet to respond to the concerns or suggestions regarding their Season 3 challenges.