Overwatch 2 players frustrated with Brigitte and Repair Pack ability cover image

Overwatch 2 players frustrated with Brigitte and Repair Pack ability

Brigitte is in a rough place in Overwatch 2 and players are hoping devs will help her fit into the current meta.

Brigitte is the latest hero that Overwatch 2 players are hoping will see future improvements.

Overwatch 2 has a rich roster of vibrant heroes with a wide range of abilities and playstyles. While this has made for dynamic gameplay, it has also been a challenge for developers to properly balance such a wide range of heroes. Some heroes just feel better than others in the current meta while others are left in the dust without changes. This includes the once-dominant support Brigitte.

Brigitte is one of the most controversial heroes. When she first joined the hero roster, she dramatically changed the meta and GOATS became unstoppable in competitive Overwatch. She has undergone many changes since, and players aren't happy with how Brigitte's kit currently works. But this time it's because she's becoming irrelevant.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

What is wrong with Brigitte in Overwatch 2?

In a recent Reddit thread, one Overwach 2 player wondered why Brigitte's current kit is so uninspired. Basically, Brigitte can waste her Repair Pack on teammates who have full health but it will no longer "overheal," providing extra armor.

While other support like Anna have abilities that will go through fully healed players to reach teammates with missing health, Brigitte's Repair Pack will hit the first player it comes into contact with. With only three Repair Packs available, this can really make Brigitte even more frustrating to use.

The Overwatch 2 community argued that Brigitte is always nerfed by developers instead of reworked. She is given more and more setbacks, some support mains argued, instead of being tweaked to fit into the current meta.

"Same thing happened when they removed the stun from Shield Bash. You'd think the thought process would be, 'Hmm, Shield Bash looks and feels like it would give a stun effect, since that's the spirit in which the ability was created, so maybe we should modify this ability a bit when we remove the stun.' Nope, they removed the stun and called it a day. Same with Mei's freeze, etc.," one player wrote.

Others argued, however, that Brigitte was still useful in some situations. Hitting fully healed teammates with a Repair Pack offers "pre-heal." Basically, Brigitte will give a Genji Repair Packs when he's about to pop off with an ultimate, allowing him to rush into the enemy team since he will gain some health back when he's damaged thanks to the Repair Packs. A diving Winston or flanking Tracer are other popular choices.

This ongoing debate has brought to light yet another concern with an underperforming Overwatch 2 hero. Luckily a Brigitte rework is coming in Season 4. The main focus of this rework will be her ultimate so it's still unclear what developers will be doing to help Brigitte's abilities be more impactful in the current meta.

Season 3 is coming in early February. Season 4 is still a long time away, but it's something to look forward to for Brigitte mains.