Overwatch 2 map Antarctic Peninsula is now a fishing simulator cover image

Overwatch 2 map Antarctic Peninsula is now a fishing simulator

Have you ever wanted to go fishing in Overwatch 2? Now you can, thanks to new map Antarctic Peninsula. Here’s how!

The Overwatch 2 community has been excited for the chilly new map thanks to its adorable penguins and emotional Mei lore. Antarctic Peninsula was released as part of Season 3 but just two days into exploring the new map, players have found out that it's best used for fishing.

Overwatch players have found a way to spawn thousands of fish on Antarctic Peninsula — and some have caught so many that the game has even crashed.

Fishing in Antarctic Peninsula works by shooting into the ice fishing hole on the Control map. If a shot is fired into the hole, a fish jumps out. This was seen as a cute little detail at first, but the Overwatch community decided that simply admiring this attention to detail wasn't enough. Players have decided to figure out how to catch as many fish as possible instead — and some feel they have discovered a way to catch infinite fish.

Is there a reason you'd want to catch thousands of fish mid-match? No. But should you? Debatable.

How many fish can each hero catch?

So... You have decided to catch fish for an entire match. No judgement.

Basically, you get one fish her shot. This means that some heroes can catch more fish than others thanks to their weapon type and how fast they fire. Some players have even discovered that certain heroes have abilities that produce a massive amount of fish.

D.Va can get 76 fish a second if she uses her primary weapon and her Fusion Cannons simultaneously. But the fastest combination so far has been this team comp:

  • Roadhog (using Whole Hog)
  • Reaper
  • Tracer
  • Baptiste
  • Mercy

But that's not all. That would be too easy.

That may be the best team comp for straight up shooting at the fishing hole. But that didn't include combining ultimates and abilities or powering each other up. If you head to a custom match, you can have 23 Roadhogs use their ultimate while Kiriko has her ultimate active. This will provide so many fish that the game crashes.

So is this important? No. Should you do it? Sure, why not? It sure beats trying to get a basketball into a hoop.