This is a big W.

Overwatch 2 announced a new Defense Matrix update on April 10. These future tweaks aim to keep the game "fun, safe, and inclusive" for everyone, and the Avoid as Teammate feature will be significantly overhauled as part of the package.

The Avoid as Teammate system currently allows players to avoid up to three other players on their team. Although Blizzard previously explained that they couldn't expand the feature because it would increase queue times for players at high ranks, the developers have found a way to improve Avoid as Teammate after getting feedback from the player base.

How Avoid as Teammate will work in future Overwatch 2 seasons

Avoid as Teammate allows players to prevent those who display toxic behavior or have a disruptive playstyle from entering matches. But, if you play ranked Overwatch 2, you may have realized that blocking three players is nowhere near enough. Well, now players will have the power to add up to 10 players on the Avoid as Teammate list.

The developers explained that this change will likely allow players to avoid all 10 players on their list, minus those in Grandmaster rank. Unfortunately, players on the higher end of the ranked ladder might still come across trolls they've put on the list, especially when the queue time gets longer, the developers said.

Overwatch 2 Avoid as Teammate explained

While increasing the size of the Avoid as Teammate list is already great news, there'll be one more change. In future Overwatch 2 seasons, players will have the ability to pin names who they don't want to come across. The game will not pair you with said players and will prevent them from being automatically replaced with new names that are added to the list.

Ensure you pin whoever you definitely want to avoid in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Ensure you pin whoever you definitely want to avoid in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Even though this update to Avoid as Teammate won't prevent you from playing with pesky players, you might come across fewer of them in future seasons.

This could be a game-changing experience for anyone who enjoys the solo queue or duo queue grind as they'll be less likely to come across someone toxic. After all, anyone who plays a competitive FPS at least once knows how unfortunate it is to endure a one-hour game with trolls. We can only wish that all other mainstream FPS add a similar system.

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