There are new Overwatch 2 skin bundles featuring three popular heroes but these skin bundles won’t come cheap.

Overwatch 2 players are hitting the jackpot with more skin bundles.

It seemed like only five days ago — on March 23 — that Blizzard dropped a free skin for Junkrat. And just before that, there was the One Punch Man crossover event. But devs aren't done. Not even close.

Now, Overwatch 2 players are getting three new skins for some of the most popular DPS in the game. But they don't come cheap.

The first skin is Empress Mei, which comes in a bundle that's 2000 Overwatch Coins. That's basically $19.99. You'll get a beautiful and detailed skin in gold and red that pays homage to Mei's culture. The elegant skin is accompanied by some other equally detailed cosmetics:

  • Empress Mei Skin (Legendary)
  • Golden Dragon Name Card (Rare)
  • Imperial Snowball Mei Spray (Common)
  • Imperial Snowball Mei Player Icon (Rare)

There is also a wintery white skin bundle that has Sojourn and Tracer looking ready for the slopes. The Antarctic bundle is 2500 Overwatch Coins and comes with two sleek and stylish skins. Players were a little surprised to see winter-themed skins as spring weather continues to draw near, especially for around $25.

The Overwatch 2 skin bundles have been given a lot of praise overall, especially the Mei skin. But most Overwatch 2 fans responded with frustration over the cost of the skins. In the first Overwatch, skins like these would be free to unlock. The new price for cosmetics has most definitely not been popular amongst the gaming community.

Other Overwatch 2 fans simply wondered when we would hear more about the next hero. There's only two weeks left of the current season, which has left players confused as to why they haven't heard anything from Overwatch's socials.

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