Students of the Game have officially graduated to the NRG Shock in OWCS.

The first-ever OWCS Major has just kicked off at DreamHack Dallas. The event is already making news as NRG has officially acquired a team to compete. The roster, formerly known as Students of the Game, will compete in OWCS Dallas for the first time under the NRG banner as the NRG Shock.

The NRG Shock inaugural roster (Image via <a href="">@SFShock</a> on X)
The NRG Shock inaugural roster (Image via @SFShock on X)

NRG Shock acquire OWCS roster

It was announced on socials and confirmed in person at DreamHack Dallas that NRG have officially acquired the unsigned OWCS roster, Students of the Game. The new team will combine the branding of NRG with their former Overwatch League (OWL) franchise, the San Francisco Shock, and will be known as NRG Shock. The team also dawns the old iconic hashtag for the Shock #WINNABLE.

In its heyday, the San Francisco Shock were arguably the most dominant franchise in the Overwatch League's history, winning the 2019 and 2020 Grand Finals championships and competing in playoffs in multiple other seasons. Now, much of that former roster are scattered around other OWCS squads, like Team Falcons.

This new roster will have much to prove coming into a stacked OWCS Dallas Major, filled with some of the best teams from across the world. In our most recent power ranking of the event, we had this roster at #7 out of eight teams competing. But, under a new banner, perhaps this team can exceed expectations and continue in the former org's winning ways.

This squad opens up competition against Spacestation Gaming on May 31 at 1:00 PM CDT on the second stream of the OWCS DreamHack Dallas event. Tune in to see if they are able to complete what some would classify an upset win and remain in the upper bracket.

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