The Overwatch roadmap for the next three seasons and beyond was revealed today, showing new Heroes, maps, and less PvE.

The newfound trend of the Overwatch team staying in constant contact with its player base continues. The developer announced its newest Overwatch roadmap today, giving a sneak preview of what's to come in seasons 5, 6, and 7.

In addition to teasing the theme of the next battle pass, we also got confirmation of a new tank Hero. Specifically, this also had a brief look at the big changes coming to the game's originally planned PVE.

Overwatch roadmap for 2023

Lets run down the highlights coming up on the Overwatch roadmap for each season.

Season 5

  • Questwatch limited-time event
  • Mischief & Magic battle pass theme--expected to be fantasy-based
  • Cinematic reveal featuring Sojourn's bionic dog, Murphy
  • Summer Games returns
  • 5v5 mini competitive season
  • 'On Fire' makes its return
  • Creator Workshop mode

Season 6

  • Story missions PVE content
  • New support Hero
  • Flashpoint
  • Hero Mastery--unconfirmed what this means yet
  • Firing range
  • Player progression system
  • Overwatch anniversary event

Overwatch roadmap for Season 7 (and beyond)

  • New tank Hero
  • All-new collaboration event (limited-time mode)
  • New Control map
  • Winter event
  • New Hero mastery missions for multiplayer
  • Roadhog rework
  • Fan favorite modes return
  • Cinematic debuts
  • Competitive Mystery Heroes returns
  • Lore codex
  • Sombra rework

Whew. That's a lot of new stuff to take into consideration. Also noted in the video that revealed all of this information today was the announcement on PvE. Specifically, that the original plans for PvE content announced way back last decade will be scaled down and remade so the team can focus on the live version of the game. Our condolences to the six of you out there that still wanted PvE content.

Nonetheless the Overwatch roadmap waits for no man, woman, or bionic dog.

But, hey: Let's not focus on the bad. Certainly the good things here far outway anything else. This includes two new Heroes by the end of the year, a new map, a cool-looking battle pass aesthetic, and far more lore than ever before. So that's something to celebrate.

Keep an eye in the coming few weeks as Season 4 winds down and Season 5 approaches.

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