Here’s the up-to-date info on the NA FACEIT League playoffs.

The NA FACEIT League playoffs are well underway. With all eight teams competing for the almost $60,000 USD prize pool and a qualifying spot at the Esports World Cup, there is a ton on the line for these teams.

So, stay tuned to keep track of the countless matches, results, and schedule of the FACEIT League playoffs.

NA FACEIT League Playoffs Overwatch 2 Schedule

The NA FACEIT League has a total of 16 teams duking it out in a double-elimination bracket. However, only eight teams moved to the NA FACEIT League playoffs.

The matches of the NA FACEIT league are a first to three within a double elimination bracket. While the true prize (other than winning of course) is that the top three teams qualify for the Esports World Cup for Overwatch 2.

The matches continue on until the 23rd of June, when a champion of the NA region will be crowned. The upcoming matches according to the FACEIT website are as follows:

Team 1
Team 2
Time & Date of match
Toronto Defiant TSM Currently unknown
NRG ShockCitrus NationCurrently unknown
TSMTimelessCurrently unknown

Teams participating in the Playoffs

There are eight teams that qualified to the playoffs of the NA FACEIT League out of the total 16. The participating teams are as follows:

  • Toronto Defiant
  • Citrus Nation
  • M80
  • NRG Shock
  • TSM
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • FMCL
  • Shikigami

No teams have yet been eliminated from the playoffs. However, as of now, there are three teams in the Lower Bracket. You can catch the games on the Esports World Cup Overwatch 2 page here.

NA FACEIT League Results

Currently, three matches have been played so far, and each of them has showcased some amazing Overwatch 2 plays. The current bracket is as follows for the NA FACEIT League Playoffs. The current results so far from the matches are as follows:

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

  • M80 3 - 1 Shikigami
  • TSM 3 - 2 Luminosity Gaming
  • Toronto Defiant 3 - 0 Citrus Nation
  • NRG Shock 3 - 2 Timeless

Lower Bracket R1

  • Citrus Nation 3 - 2 Luminosity Gaming
  • Timeless 3 - 0 Shikigami

Upper Bracket Semifinals

  • Toronto Defiant 3 - 0 TSM
  • M80 3 -2 NRG Shock

As the NA FACEIT League playoffs continue, we'll update this article to keep you updated on which teams survive the bracket.

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