Overwatch Season 5 will bring about new customization options for its main prize, starting with the Mythic Tracer skin.

We finally have our first look at the next battle pass, with only a week to go until the start of Overwatch Season 5. Blizzard revealed today in a short trailer on social media the next Mythic skin to grace the game in the form of Tracer. Not only that, but this high fantasy adventurer-version of the Overwatch mascot brings about new customization options across the entire battle pass for your new Mythic.

Let's see what misadventures Tracer has gotten herself into this time around in the Overwatch Season 5 battle pass. Hopefully it also involves pudding.

Mythic Tracer Skin: Three levels of customization

A new added layer of customization for that season's Mythic skin begins with the Overwatch Season 5 battle pass. In the case of our Mythic Adventurer Tracer, the skin will advance in look and customization three times throughout the pass. Levels 45, 65, and 80 of the battle pass will all "level up" the new Mythic skin, adding additional features and looks.

And of course, at level 80 the skin unlocks its final form in all of its elven Tracer glory. While details are still scarce about what customization will appear and what else is in the battle pass, it does show progress. Blizzard is still trying to find new ways to keep fans happy and make the battle pass something worthwhile. More customization options for your Mythic skin each season is a step in the right direction.

Will the past Mythic skins get in on the festivities? Does this mean more color options for each Mythic? There's still a lot of questions, of which we'll see answers in the next seven days.

Stay tuned throughout the next week as we see more of Overwatch Season 5.

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